until i pull into penn…

So this looked too stark naked with absolutely nothing, so just had to throw up a quick hello. I’m sitting here at work, closing out this and that… surrounded by as much luggage as my two hands could carry. This morning, I was blessed enough to run into two friends… Frankie, who I ran into as she was on her way out of our building, and KK, headed back en route to her car to head off to head into work. Great to have the unexpected chance to bump into them one last time pre-move.

Today I’m headed out of the office early. Rio’s headed up to NYC to visit a friend who’s in town for a few days on business, so I have some company for the ride up. I’m likely meeting Bam later, location TBD. Tomorrow it’s hunt, hunt, hunt, with the pressure on to find me a place asap mounting. Yikes. I’m sure there will be more to share on that front shortly. I’ve heard much of the joys of the Manhattan apartment search process. I’m soon to be a vet.

More to come, soon and very soon…


4 thoughts on “until i pull into penn…

  1. Oooh! I’m so excited for you. How nice, that you have a dear friend by your side as you make your way to the City. Good luck and much love.

  2. Thanks Alejandra. I’m ready! Looking forward to wrapping on the apartment hunt so I can check out some of youe fine recommendations!

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