the almost neighbors

As of today, I’ve officially got a new pad. All of the boxes I’ve been packing the last couple of weeks will shortly have a home. I finally was able to call the movers and give them a destination address. The gentleman at the moving company and I are becoming BFF. He calls me by my last name, telling me that the first girl he ever had a crush on had that name. He knows who I am before I introduce myself during each call (and oh there’s been many) and has told me that I have no accent that he can notice. Clearly, he said, I should be a weather girl (as Karen on Mean Girls would say, “there’s a 99% chance it’s already raining…”).

Work was fantastically supportive, allowing me to come in after I took care of all of the signing stuffs this morning. It was a pretty formal affair — very different from the other leases I’ve signed. Why do I feel like I’ve purchased property and yet have no tangible asset or potential tax deduction? Oh, but what a view… and the closets. Ahhhhh. What a nice place. I didn’t think I’d be all about it going in, but the doorman… the elevator… the laundry room… yeah, no complaints. Originally the move was scheduled for Saturday. However upon learning that wasn’t kosher with the building, I re-booked my Amtrak tickets, moved up the loading dock
reservation in the VA, and thankfully work agreed to let me take Friday to get all settled. So, come Saturday, I should be on my way to being a quasi-settled Manhattanite.

Oh and so now that I have settled on a different apartment, I can revisit one of my favorite almost-picks from the apartment search process… a lovely little gem over on St. Marks. I really did love it! It had a great layout and a perfect location – smack dab in between the East Village and Union Square. I definitely would have loved that. However, I did not know that the street was absolutely me. The street did have a fine selection of tattoo parlors. Fine t-shirts with all sorts of vulgar phrases, clearly office-friendly. Oh and yes, did I mention the entrance was strategically located between the sex shop and the hot dog store? Look on my mom’s face as we strolled in the entrance? Priceless. It was a fabulous apartment, literally located above Cherries. I wonder if the apartment comes with an automatic discount? They were currently featuring their Halloween costumes. Festive.

I’m relieved to be done with the search process. Ready to be out of suitcases… out of boxes… just set up and done. Getting there. I do have to give another nod to the fabulous assistance I received from my broker. If anyone needs a great broker in the Manhattan area, I’ve gotta give a plug for Anna at Citi Habitats. Without her, don’t think my whirlwind move to the city would have worked out quite this way, for sure!


3 thoughts on “the almost neighbors

  1. Classic it was, for sure!

    We’ll have to take a stroll through the area when you’re in town. Think you’ll agree I ended up somewhere more “me” (although I really do love that area!).

  2. Loving it Lara! You’re almost there…start unpacking and you’ll be official! a Manhattan girl! In the meantime I’ll be looking at the calendar.

    So great catching up with you tonight. I miss you! xoxo

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