i’m super… thanks for asking

Day 4 on the job at work. Access to email, computer, phone… any connection to the outside world. Negative. Confirmation that it will probably be Monday before I have a corporate pulse? 99.9% positive.

Good thing I’m off tomorrow to do the fun move thing. Today was battle with the super, round deux. I swear I’m not a confrontational person by nature, but he definitely knows who I am very well by this point!

Round One: While my lease started Wednesday, originally he was saying I could not have the keys until Friday. With my rent payments starting on Wednesday, myself and my checkbook said “um, no”. After calling the person above him, magically the keys were mine at 6pm yesterday evening.

Running Score: 1-0

Round Two: The beautiful window that spans the width of my apartment which had been equipped with blinds was suddenly stark naked last night. While I’m generally friendly, yeah – not exactly hip to being on display to the entire street. Thumbs down. This time, no luck with the neither the super nor his boss. After a quick email to my broker, the blinds are to be installed tomorrow.

Updated score: 2-0

I’m excited I will shortly be “whole”, with my world no longer spanning across multiple states. Excited to have access to coats (I think my dinner very well may be hot tea, hot tea, and more hot tea – as my measly wardrobe I came with clearly isn’t sufficient. Brrrrr), sweaters, and the like.

Fingers crossed for no snafus tomorrow as I become legit. Any good luck wishes would, as always, be much appreciated. I’m ready to get everything in order for all the visitors I’ve already got coming into town. Did I mention I love my friends?

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One thought on “i’m super… thanks for asking

  1. Oh no!! Naked is fun, but not when you’re a window. Ha ha!! I hope the blinds installation goes well today. Snaps for your broker! Sounds like she’s keeping people in line for you! Best of luck with the moving.

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