and now, your moment of zen

It’s a beautiful fall day. Looking out the window from the train, I’m surrounded by a rich blue sky, accentuated by a smattering of clouds looking more like cotton balls. In the foreground, there is tree after tree, cloaked in those perfect fall colors. Some years the trees look dead at this point – seemingly skipping the yellows and oranges and opting to go straight for the crunchy brown look. This year, thankfully it’s not the case.

I’m exhausted. Absolutely worn out. And I pretty much never own up to that, much preferring to go-go-go. I’m about to conk out here, during my second sold-out regional Amtrak haul in less than 24 hours.

Even with at least three babies in the car, it’s amazingly peaceful. I’m trying to bask in that and not focus on all those loose ends I so desperately need to magically line up. I’m so close… everything packed and loaded. Car sold. Old keys turned in and new ones in hand. Folding partitions are scheduled for delivery tomorrow to break up my sweet new alcove studio. Services from cable to Internet to power all scheduled. Even have the locksmith coming to put on the mega lock that screams “don’t mess with me.”

Last issue is getting my movers um into my apartment. Last update, they were stuck in traffic somewhere in New Jersey. My stomach instantaneously lurched. The doorman and the superintendent were emphatic about a 5pm cutoff for move-ins… so that’s where I am. 3:45. No confirmation as to where they are, with my poor mom about to head down to plea with the desk Nazi. All I own hostage in a truck who knows where and whether or not it’ll get sent back to DC by my new building – TBD.

So breathe in, breathe out. Just trying to find my way back to at least a slice of zen. Fight off the migraine that’s trying to start up. And to think, I thought it would be peaceful if I paid more money to have this done door to door. The comment that moving never felt more true.

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