almost fine. almost rosey.

So at last post, I was looking for the silver lining. Just relaxing on the train. Sorta the calm before the storm. It was probably all of 15 minutes after clicking “send” that the storm came. And ohhhh did it come. My move-in was supposed to be completed by 5pm. When did the movers arrive? Oh yeah. Also 5pm. Nice. They arrived to be greeted by the super shooing them back to the District from which they came. Stuff delivered? Not so much. Shortly before pulling into Penn Station, I was greeted by the final phone call from the moving company’s main office to inform me there would be no delivery. All of the warm clothes I was banking on for the cooler fall temps? Yeah, to be held temporarily hostage and en route back to the VA. Taking a day off from work has never felt so productive.

I’ll own up to being a little, um okay a lot, frustrated at this point. Functioning on 3.5 hours of sleep and having talked to this and that service provider the whole way back up, the trip during which I was counting on some serious sleep, I quickly found myself fighting off a headache. Those tickets I’d secured ages ago for Tam and I to hit Madison Square Garden were becoming less and less appealing.

But as I got off the train at Penn Station, all sorts of random hand carried items (round 2), I decided I might have no clothes, wasn’t sure if I had enough clean underwear to make it through the weekend, but darn it – I wasn’t going to let them ruin my weekend as well. So concert back on. Honestly, it was what I needed. It’s hard for one of your favorite musicians not to at least help to lighten your mood. Her parents were in attendance, at least the second time I’ve been at the same show as them.

The setlist was great…

Act I – Santa

  • Body and Soul
  • My Posse Can Do
  • Sugar
  • Dragon
  • Secret Spell
  • You Can Bring Your Dog


  • Professional Widow

Act II – Tori

  • Big Wheel
  • Space Dog
  • A Sorta Fairytale
  • Cornflake Girl
  • Doughnut Song
  • Spring Haze

T & Bö

  • Winter
  • Carbon
  • Baker Baker

Band Returns

  • Almost Rosey
  • Spark
  • Code Red

First Encore

  • Precious Things

Second Encore

  • Bouncing Off Clouds
  • Hey Jupiter

I was pleased alone when she came out with Almost Rosey. There’s always one song you’re hoping for and that one was really mine. I think all my frustration and anger really melted away at that point and I realized it would all be okay. And that delivery? Yeah, Monday we’ll try again, with perhaps a little better success. And then Baker Baker… I almost cried.

Tori didn’t have a whole lot of discussion with the audience throughout the show. There were, as always, a couple of intriguing improvs. I loved the one about the joys of being a boy in New York City (posted below). The other one was also really pointed in its message against Bush. I was a little confused after the first encore when she made a comment about them making her leave the stage (we assumed time constraints?), but then the encores continued, so not sure what that was about. What a great show though, and always great to get to experience it with my sister.

Saturday was brunch with the Alpha Gam Junior Circle. It was nice to put more names with faces and always love an excuse to make an excursion back to Essex. For the record, no – they do not count refills. Little tip. From there, I met my mom and Tam at the Young Designers Market, over on Mulberry just south of Houston. I was very impressed with what they had… came out with some fantastic short boots I plan on um living in and Tam came out with a fantastic coat. Great recommendation, Alejandra! The rest of the weekend was all about apartment-esque odds and ends, with the exception of brunch at Clinton Street. Wish me luck on attempted move-in numero dos… fingers crossed…


2 thoughts on “almost fine. almost rosey.

  1. I’m finding myself unable to keep up with your days and nights, LJ. Sounds like an intense weekend. I’m impressed by your Scarlett O’Hara-like resilience and determination.

  2. Thanks Sci. Very true – long weekend. I’m looking forward to a low-key(ish) one this upcoming weekend to hopefully make up for last weekend 🙂 Miss my ladies!

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