just another local riding the express

Last night I made some big strides to losing my quasi-touristic ties. Time Warner arrived promptly and before I knew it, I had cable and internet up and running. Thought it was time to lay the District Divas wireless network to rest (RIP), so went ahead and renamed that as well.

I stepped foot into the grocery store. Please, please – no real worries. I didn’t buy anything requiring true preparation beyond cereal (gotta add that milk), deli meat (gotta assemble that sandwich), and hot pockets (gotta peel that plastic wrapper, find a plate, and learn how to use the new microwave).

I put aside my Safeway and Harris Teeter cards, now replaced with my D’Ag Rewards card from D’Agostino. I did the same with my CVS card, replaced by my boy, Duane Reede.

This morning for the first time, I made my lunch. Insane. There’s something about pulling that fancy lunch out of the fridge that makes life begin to feel more well, ordinary. But in a good way.

And last touch? I turned in my 202 card. No longer do I have a cell phone with DC’s 202 area code. Now it’s 917. Who knows what will come next?

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