as we enter into week three…

  • Visits to my boy Duane (Reade, of course…): Long since lost count
  • Number of work days before having active email at work: 10
  • Total mimosas at Essex: 9
  • Dunkin’ Donuts coffee purchases: 6-7
  • Failed attempts to hang the picture over my TV: 5
  • Complaints from building tenants about yours truly hanging pictures: 2
  • Shopping excursions to SoHo: 3
  • Trips to Buttercup Bakeshop: 2… er, 3…
  • Trips to Home Depot: 2, going on 3
  • Number of times hit on in NYC subway: 1 (might as well have said, “Hey baby, I see we ride the same line…”)
  • Trips to D’Agostino: 1
  • Dead Time Warner cable boxes: 1
  • Home cooked meals: 1 (hey, canned soup plus grilled cheese requires some effort)
  • Successful laundry loads: 0

2 thoughts on “as we enter into week three…

  1. Oh, but I conquered the machine tonight. Success!

    (Ok, so one of the other residents here told me how to do it… but I now now how to do it. It was confusing. Sort of like an initiation into the building or something. Random!)

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