i’ll be home for christmas

It’s official. I *do* get to go home to dear sweet Bama for Christmas. The downside of switching jobs in October with a company that handles vacation entitlement on an annual basis is that all that vacation time? Yeah, doesn’t kick in until January. Combine that with a lovely year like 2007 when Christmas falls on a Tuesday, and you get a major holiday bummer.

Thankfully though I have a really kind manager and it’s probably helped by my agreeing to hold down the fort for the whole team for the day after Thanksgiving, a holiday which should be a fun variation for my family. Instead of sitting ’round the table in Bama or even around the table in my place in DC, we will be in my new place in the city… sans table and including my sister’s friend as a guest. It should be a fun variation, as variations tend to be. Oh, and add in the fried turkey I think we’re going to be adding in. Should be fun indeed.

So I just rebooked my ticket.

“We do need to notify you that your original flight out of Reagan National has been changed. It was originally scheduled to depart at 3:59PM and there has been a change. It will now be departing at 4:10PM. It’s only a minor delay, so I hope there’s not any inconvenience,” the agent politely informed me.

“Oh,” I said. “Well, I have a more major change to make. I don’t even need to leave out of DC now. I’ve moved and now need to redo it out of New York.”

I could hear her clicking within her system as she paused. She then read back to me the dates to transfer. “Yeah, I need to change those too…”

My relaxing week-long vacation surrounded by two luxurious weekends of R&R just got compressed to a long weekend basically, but it’s all good. I’m rebooked. I’m going home for Christmas, which is exciting. Last Christmas we did in DC which was fun, but it wasn’t Christmas. This will be the first Christmas in my parent’s new home. We’ll be sitting around the big Christmas tree with all of those old ornaments I love to see… the ones my sister and I did at church or in our pre-school classes… the ones with the little square mug shots we took back in elementary school, where we had pigtails, ribboned headbands or big bows adorning one side of our head. I love it. Can’t wait.

It’s the perfect combination. I’ll be here to see the city for the first time all decorated for Christmas but yet be able to spend the actual holiday in sweet AL. Just can’t beat that.

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4 thoughts on “i’ll be home for christmas

  1. One of my FAVORITE Christmas songs…and it means so much  more when you don’t live at home anymore and have to spend holidays away. So happy that you get to be home for Christmas!! Let me know the dates you will be here…Christmas Eve and Day are REALLY hectic for us (but fabulous too!!), but maybe we can figure something out. Can you believe it’s almost November?!?

  2. Thanks – I’m SO excited. I’m getting in Friday, Dec 21st and heading back out the night of Christmas Day. Anytime in there work? We should try to coordinate a group. I think there were some others interested in getting together. That would be fun 🙂

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