hills schmills

RIP cable box. So it died and then as I readied to call the cable company on Tuesday, miraculously came to life. But not long. Just long enough to taunt me with my On Demand options. For me to foolishly believe that I could continue to battle the apartment walls made of who knows what to finish hanging up stuff and decorating my apartment with all of those episodes of the Hills I’ve missed playing in the background. Sounded too good to be true. And yes, it was.

Last night, the demons repossessed my cable box and have taken it for good. It’s returned to it’s freakish cycle of flashing “load” followed by a snakelike scrolling character and then “888.888.888” flashing across, followed by an eerie clicking noise. Then repeat… then repeat…

When I called Time Warner to report my cable box was on crack, I learned the earliest appointment they had to offer me was November 5th. November 5th… as in like a week and a half?!?

No more On Demand for me. Um yeah, no more real time either! Back to rabbit ears and watching episodes posted online through my Mac and the lovely HDMI cable I finally got this weekend. Just that much more incentive to keep on going with things to occupy my time across the city in the outside world versus in box-world.

(To be fair to Time Warner, they were able to reschedule me this morning for an evening appointment on October 31st. But yeah – no way I’m spending Halloween bonding with the cable tech. I’m going to try to go by and get a new cable box… but in the meantime, no Office or Gray’s Anatomy for me tonight… boo. Big boo.)

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