’tis the season to be booting

I’m learning as much as I love my local D’Ag, it’s hard to find everything that even me (being the non-cooker I am) needs to have stocked up in the kitchen. Enter Fresh Direct. I’ve never hidden my fondness for Peapod back in my DC/VA days, and Fresh Direct is the NYC version. As of tomorrow around 1pm, my kitchen should be pretty much stocked with an assortment of food-ish items. Sweet.

How about my slice of Friday irony… I just looked at the total bill for the items to be delivered. Yeah, it’s less than the lovely new tall leather/suede boots I snagged last night at Aldo and am proudly sporting today. (Ohhhhh, but do they look good!)

The weekend ahead is a full one… jam packed with friends in from out of town (the first of many), some of the more usual crowd that appear from time to time, and some faces yet to be seen (courtesy of some introductions de la Fashionista). I’m off to fall off the face and probably to get lost a few times along the way – to resurface perhaps come Monday. Have a good one… and stay dry!

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