a new version of you

I don’t believe in regrets. I don’t look back and say “I should have done XYZ” or whether things could have been differently if I’d chosen path A over B. Last night, I was downright exhausted from the week. I didn’t want to do anything but crawl into bed. I was supposed to go to a happy hour for my Junior League placement uptown, which would have undoubtedly been nice, but I just didn’t have the energy for social. Couldn’t swing it.

Instead, I opted for a night in. It was early — so not much was on TV — but having heard great things about the new show on ABC “Samantha Who?” with all episodes available online and an HDMI cable for my Mac just dying to be used again, I decided a cold blah Monday night was a perfect night to catch up on some TV. Only some three episodes in (four now, as another aired last night), it didn’t take too long to catch up.

The premise is that the main character Samantha, played by Christina Applegate, is in an accident which causes her to have amnesia. Once she comes to, she doesn’t remember basically anything … to the point that she ends up thinking a lady she’s talking to in the hospital is her good friend (when she really dropped her like a bad habit back in 7th grade) and to thinking that the guy she’s talking to is her boyfriend, when in reality he’s her ex-boyfriend, having split with her just in advance of the accident.

It’s not the deepest of shows, but let’s face it — who always wants to come home to a big platter of heavy heartedness at the end of a long day? The difference between Samantha’s situation and that which I continually oppose is that overall she realize she doesn’t like the very core of who she is. She doesn’t like who she is as a person at all – from finding out she was cheating on her boyfriend to a non-existent relationship with her parents to her cold-hearted career. The show’s not about questioning a choice, it’s about questioning ones complete self.

And then there’s her ex, Barry Watson, who I’ve decided might be my next celebrity crush…

And, as seems to be the case more often than not, I’ve found myself adopting another show. This is why I do *not* allow myself to watch new shows. Period. {Sigh} At least it’s available online like my other faves – Grey’s Anatomy and the Office.

I loved the closing of the second episode, which I’ll have to include below. Good show to check out.

“I had this dream that I woke up clean and white as snow, my debts forgiven and my sins all washed away. That sounds awesome, but it’s a bunch of crap. I mean yesterday cant be unlived, it’s part of today. We drag it along like a big dog. Today is all we can control. We do today right, we may even have a shot at tomorrow.”


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