keep your bah humbugs to yourself

So I decided a long time back that if I was going to put the time and energy into readying my apartment for the holidays, it’s worth enjoying it for enough to justify the effort – darn it! So, I won’t be shamed into thinking I’m some sort of yo-yo for decorating my place pre-Thanksgiving. I’ve got my parents coming into town for Thanksgiving and Fes is coming over as well, so pimped out my place will be.

I ordered pizza tonight because ever since arriving into NYC, all I seem to crave are cupcakes and pizza. I hope that it fades. My diet could use a little variation and stability. Perhaps some leafy greens… fruits… you know, other elements of the food pyramid other than sugars and cheese. Got those covered. (They’re levels on the pyramid, rigggggght?)

Anyhow, the delivery man came in bearing my fabulous pizza (with fresh garlic – mmmm). Peering in his first words were, “wow, you’re my first Christmas tree”. Well, what can you say. I like to be a holiday trailblazer. I explained to him that my family was coming in from Alabama for the week so I wanted for it to be ready. His face took on a sweet nostalgic tone.

“My first girlfriend was from Alabama,” he said. “She was Miss Anniston. Do you know where that is?”

I nodded. “Sure do. I’ve even been there a few times.”

I handed him the tip. “Yeah, I’ll never forget her,” he said as he backed into the elevator.

Post-pizza and a little catch up via On Demand of the Hills and I was back to decorating the tree. I cracked open my first carton of eggnog. The store didn’t have Silk, so I ended up with organic. Good stuff. Sprinkled just the correct proportion of nutmeg. No Christmas music yet in the apartment – but yes, I will admit it was on my Launch player today at work. And no – I don’t feel guilty.

Maybe it’s being in the city. Perhaps it’s seeing the stores begin to put up their holiday displays – such as walking through the sea of decorations at Bloomingdale’s yesterday. I’m in the holiday spirit. I’m loving it. I’m gingerbread latte-ing it up. And I make no apologies.

Ho ho ho!
(and gobble, gobble, gobble…)


2 thoughts on “keep your bah humbugs to yourself

  1. I love love LOVE Christmas-and putting up my decorations right before Thanksgiving too:) I am putting my tree up this weekend! I totally agree-what’s the point in going to all the effort if you can’t enjoy it for awhile? So my tree will be up until NYE. I will also admit to listening to a station that was playing Christmas music last weekend while driving home from Huntsville-nothing can beat that warm, snuggly feeling you get when store windows are lit up, the air is cold and crisp, and Christmas tunes are floating out your speakers. Aaahhh.

  2. Glad someone else is already in the spirit! I think I’m just feeling festive too after such a prolonged Halloween this year (or so it seemed).

    Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Everything just looks better with twinkle lights, don’t you think? I sure hope my apartment complex thinks so!

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