afternoon cappuccino with grandpa

I try to self-regulate my caffeine intake. Too much and I get a little jittery. Too little though and you’d probably tell me I’m cranky (just kidding…errr sorta). I’ll do hot tea and occasionally (or more frequently, I’ll admit in the winter months), I’ll splurge for that run to Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks. I always jokingly say that my intake is balanced by the price tag that goes with said drinks since I don’t want your straight up coffee. Blech. To me, that tastes like sewer water. I want your cappuccinos. I want a latte. I want it extra hot. I want it with skim milk. It better have foam. Preferably something like vanilla or with the holidays, gingerbread and eggnog flavoring are perfect additions. Don’t ask much, I think… 😉

Said regulation has gone out the window with my introduction on Monday to the $1.75 cappuccino offering downstairs in my office’s café. I don’t even have to put on my coat to get this one. No no no… just a simple elevator ride and it’s cheaper! Magic I tell you… that and danger rolled up into one. I foresee lots of twitching over the coming winter…

I went downstairs yesterday a little before 3 as I was about to go to forehead-to-keyboard in about 15 minutes otherwise. I got to the café to see a group of about four older gentlemen gathered together to get their afternoon coffee. One, who has to have been around 60, turned and smiled at me. I was standing there scanning around the set-up to see what all was available to pass the time. My arms were crossed, which I regularly do due to being cold instead of being standoffish. Always misinterpreted.

“Are you cold there? Is that what brings you down here?” he asked.

“Well, I’m actually pretty much always cold. But no, I’m just in need of a little afternoon caffeine boost.”

“Well, you know what? You’re the best part of today – I know that for sure.” His eyebrows raised and he smiled, almost impishly.

I smiled back, although I was thinking hmmmm little awkward for this little man to be saying this. Questionably gross? Maybe a little creepy?

“What are you getting?” he asked. “Latte? Cappuccino?”

“Cappuccino…” I replied. I kinda began to squirm as I was trying to assess the man in front of me. Did my eyes deceive me or did he just size me up? No no… I’m pretty darn certain he did. I’ll admit to perhaps not having worn by most professional of business casual options today, but it’s not tooooo bad. It’s a shorter retro style simple cotton long-sleeved Free People dress, courtesy of Beacon’s Closet, along with my new favorite tall suede black boots.

Before I knew it, there was additional money down on the counter, the gentlemen were headed out from the café, and the gentleman was turning back to me saying, “you just keep on smiling like you do… again, really the highlight of this day – that’s for sure”

It was a nice gesture – unexpected, but not unappreciated. At the same time, I felt a little squeamish having been quasi-hit upon by grandpa here. I know we live in an era where age is just a number and trophy wives are as common as chicken noodle soup, but it just felt odd. If the DG were here, she’d tell me not to bat an eyelash, I’m sure. And so sip sip sip away on my free cappuccino I did… but it was odd. Really odd.

What are your thoughts?

FYI – this is the audience participation part, ’cause P.S., I do see you there =)


11 thoughts on “afternoon cappuccino with grandpa

  1. I think the DG would have batted all her eyelashes and mentioned that she’d need a cookie to go with the cappucino :-).

  2. I think it’s sweet. He probably doesn’t talk to pretty, young women often, so the conversation did make his day.

    And who knows, he could be rich and raking in the dough. Enjoy the cappuccino!

  3. Ohio – haha so so true. Wise words 🙂 She’d have been disappointed, though. They only have the baked goods apparently in the morning. Boo. I’ve yet to partake. The capp is so good though. A little lighter on the caffeine and heavier on the cinnamon. Mmmm. Perfect.

  4. Recovering – thanks for the thoughts. I do think that was basically the case… the main discomfort was um due to the long gaze at my legs. But the hot beverage was definitely enjoyed to the last drop!

  5. I would say it was all sweet and nice had it not been for the prolonged leg gaze. Maybe he was sizing you up for a trophy wife??? Or maybe he was just truly being sweet.

    Heck, in the end, it was a free drink! I’d let old guys give me the once over for a free drink!

  6. Annie – agreed. One of those interesting one-offs, but would be a little um creepy if he were to ever reappear. Which is why I may be avoiding that 3pm window…

    Amy – YES! Haha. A little too close for comfort. I must admit that was an extra kicker in flagging the incident as such, funny enough!

  7. Sarah – Now isn’t that the truth! Is there a fee for blowing ones nose in the winter time? If so, I might just have to pack it up and call it a day… j/k. Hope your event went well. We have to make plans to meet up post-turkey day, for sure.

  8. haha- that’s too funny. perhaps you should have further looked into the notion of becoming the next great trophy wife. a girl’s gotta have options in life!

  9. Preppy – can I own up to a superficial reason here? Hope so. Very not into comb-overs. Now watch that come back to bite me sometime in life – hah.

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