a nyc staple

I cannot imagine NYC sans-brunch. It’s just a part of life. Come the weekend, I’m strategizing about what will be included in on Saturday and Sunday’s plan. It’s serious. And I fully support it.

Yeah, so I’ve barely been in NYC but after attending one of my faves 3x now, we’re officially known. And I kinda like it. I guess spending almost 3 hours today tends to help that scenario, huh? But I’ll be mixing it up tomorrow. Crazy talk, right?

Ok, so I’m at a party and I’m *so* committed to NaBloPoMo that here I am, typing away on my Blackberry. But darn it, I’m 17 days in – and I’m not gonna foul up now.

And Tam and Fes, YES, the glass is half open 😉

Game back on… back to the weekending I go…

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One thought on “a nyc staple

  1. I love mobile blogging.
    I keep a separate blog for my on the go posts.
    Actually I have a main blog, creative writing blog, meme blog, photo blog…
    I’m a blog-a-holic.
    It’s so nice to have another NYC blog in the group.
    Waving at you from the Upper West Side,

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