friendly nyc cab advisory

Dear Readers:

I would like to retract any compliments I might have previously paid to the NYC cab system. After having felt in dire need of their services (aka my boots became the death of me) and been DENIED (the period during which some random German guys told me my cab salute was Nazi-esque?!?), I feel compelled to announce they are mean-spirited, cold, and heartless creatures good for nothing more than driving by parading their “off duty” lights (like I care?) or, even worse, the lackage of lights indicating some hoochie mama two blocks up got MY cab. And that? *That* I don’t support.

Please, please Mister Cabbie, can you think of the common woman just trying to sport her fabulous black suede boots, head home in peace (and comfort) and not leave her to the mercy of only the sleezy black car’d men? That would be muuuuuuuch appreciated (and your tip would be equally appreciative).



(AKA the one forced unwillingly to use her unlimited metro pass, arghhhh, darn it. And no – her feet *so don’t* approve – major boo + tears)

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9 thoughts on “friendly nyc cab advisory

  1. As soon as a drop of rain falls in NYC all the off duty lights go on!
    And those hoochie mamas do score cabs while the rest of us silently weep on corners everywhere.
    Sending bloglove,

  2. Le boo! In THE taxi city no less. A coworker and I booked it from from SoHo to our World Trade Center-located hotel last year when all of the Broadway, and other side-street, cabs were of no use. The sea of yellow made us think we could keep shopping in spite of the looming work event… hahaha. Better luck next time! And never try to get a cab on a cold January-recess Sunday morning on the hill. 🙂

  3. I like “le boo”! I think the lesson might be more comfortable shoes. Hmmm. And why do I think *that* won’t be happening somehow?

  4. Beeeecauuuuuuuuzzzzuhhhh, they look soooooo GOOD on you, and they go with the dress, and they were on sale, and oh, my, gosh, do I have to remind you how many time you get compliments on them… from guys. yeah, so it’s a done deal chica. (No more random 18-year-old voice now)

  5. I second Marianne’s comment about not trying to get a cab on Capitol Hill on an early morning during January Recess.

    See you in 9 days!

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