weekend review: turduckening & such

I miss my apartment. I am thankful for the coming week and that my parents coming into town will mean that my apartment and I will become reacquainted. Since Friday, my apartment has been functioning more as solely my sleeping quarters — a locale much neglected this weekend. Following our lengthy and leisurely brunch on Saturday (how else would you classify a three hour brunch?), I headed off to AM’s friend’s for her annual Turducken party. Not familiar with turducken? I was of that camp as well, but it is basically a Cajun-esque Thanksgiving party/feast of sorts. It was interesting to see, for sure. A turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken. Is it cheating or missing out to have opted to pull out the turkey part when getting my selection? Probably. But the stuffing was extra flavorful and spicy! And the pumpkin cheesecake… all the seasonal goodies just served to get me even more in the holiday spirit, with my tree already being up and all, I guess I didn’t truly need *too* much help…

From there, it was off to meet Tam and her friends, including the infamous WFL3 who I had not had the opportunity to meet as of yet. He did not disappoint. I think he expected for me to be super conservative. I love surprising people. It’s my joy in life. He said he thought I’d be in a twin-set and pearls. Love that I was in a sweater dress, leggings, and tall suede boots. How’s that for mixing it up? When I met them, they’d been singing at a place. Quite cool. Instead of doing karaoke to a sing-a-long track they’d been singing to live piano accompaniment. Sadly, I arrived after all the performances had wrapped for the evening. Having heard WFL3’s voicemail messages, I can only imagine they were quite amusing.

With a group of five of us, we quickly learned it was not so fun to try to find a cab for such a large group. We were resigned to scouring the streets for that lone strange van that occasionally drives by (that you usually don’t want). Finally we found one (score!) only to be mistakenly dropped off at the wrong location, which we realized only after we had gotten out of the cab and he’d driven off. Argh. Another 15 minutes in the rain, and we found ourselves at the mercy of the mystery (and to be avoided like the plague!) black sedan. Desperate, we took him up as he was willing to take us all in. Our trip of 1/4 the length of the first suddenly came out to be more than twice the price of the first segment. Lesson of the evening: ask price from evil black sedans in advance. Or don’t ride at all. And the rest of the night… yeah. We’ll just leave it at interesting. A story to not be blog posted, my friends.

Sunday I just wanted to sleep. Ohhhh how I wanted to sleep. But I was up. And I was out. I’d made plans with Angelina and her friend to do brunch and such in the East Village. We reached our destination in the icky cold rain to find an hour wait. Thumbs down. We ended up instead at this really cool Brazilian place next door, complete with live music and a waitress who really disliked her friend. But the food was good, so no complaints. From there, we bounced from place to place before I found myself meeting up with Tam and doing dinner at 7A. Where did the day go?

I headed home, put on my PJs complete with sweatshirt, and crawled into my bed with a book before conking out. Good weekend. Crazy weekend. Can’t put it all here kind of weekend. But those are the best kind. And those are the kinds which make you appreciate the holidays even more. So bring on the turkey day. I’m ready. Oh so ready.

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