thanksgiving anti-jive, part 2

So stuffed. And so hostile. Why oh why am I in the office today? Seriously. The coffee cart downstairs? Closed. Two Italian restaurants across the street from the office? Closed. I am sitting here watching my inbox to see if an email will come in. So far, coast is clear. But Thanksgiving? It went off without a hitch. The phantom turkey (of the herbed and fried variety) was quite tasty, although I will stand by my original line of thought, which was that good or bad, I’m not likely to be a repeat customer. Sorry, no can fully endorse here. I will say the turkey was annihilated, with the exception of the legs (we’re just not leg folks…). My dad’s chocolate pecan pie is half-gone (and I’d be happy to contribute to chipping away at that one if I were to be oh say, ehem, at home!) and the pumpkin’s got a small dent made into it as well.

On top of having to work the day after Thanksgiving, I was greeted today with the lovely right to go for that lovely annual female exam. Rub salt in the wound, right? I decided being so cold-natured, it was faulty design that ever lead to this lovely annual event occurring in the wintry months. It should have to be 90 degrees+ outside for me to have to don that lovely gown which covers oh so much. And on what the weather forecasters claim to be the coldest day thus far since the temps have started to take a dive towards smaller digits. I’m so dreading the deeper plunge. Brrrrr in advance.

I promise I’m not all negativity here! I’m just a happy shopper. Happy shoppers should be doing happy shopping-esque things on the day after Thanksgiving. Not being held hostage to the gynecologist, the corporate computer, or the like. Argh. I’d much rather be shopping, waiting in lines, and perusing racks and racks of things I will touch and rub but probably never carry up to the register to purchase. Oh well. Tomorrow I’ll be back out and about with the fam. And the credit card will be back to swiping. So yeah, I will survive 😉

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8 thoughts on “thanksgiving anti-jive, part 2

  1. Oh I’m thankful. The blog’s just my sarcastic release. Besides, I’m a firm believer in being thankful all year round versus just one day. Same principle as applied to Valentine’s Day… Thanks for stopping by though and hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

  2. Hey, we came out ahead with even more food to enjoy at the end of the day. Hurrah for Southern cuisine fineries! Hope you had a good one in TX!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I really enjoyed this blog and the blog before this one… have such a great attitude about things that don’t quite go right!

    I’m glad Jive finally got their act together and got your turkey to you.

    Now as for the unpleasant doctor’s visit today…..eeks…..hate that.

    Was anyone else in your office whatsoever or just you?

  4. Thanks Laurie =) I was just enjoying my family all being in from AL (as well as my sister just being here in general).

    Actually, there were more people in the office than it appeared. Just not too many of the employees I support, so not much work coming in.

    But what was definitely running around the office in plentiful quantities were children. LOTS of children. I am not anti-children, but these kids were nuts! There was one point where I swear they were doing laps around me. My head hurt! Upside was they ordered free pizza for the whole office. Hah.

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, stranger! We gotta brunch it up soon =)

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