an outdated tradition?

It’s quiet. Too quiet. Briiiiiiight and early this morning, my parents headed out to LaGuardia to catch their return flight back to Bama. I returned to sleep with all pillows under my command and both halves of the bed at my disposal… but would’ve gladly given up those rights for some more time with the fam. Holiday time seems to get shorter and shorter… but perhaps it’s just me feeling the effect of not having really taken off any extra time at Thanksgiving for the first time I can remember um ever.

I’d made brunch reservations for the fam before I realized their itinerary had them leaving long before our reservation. Instead, Tam and I decided to keep the reservation and head over ourselves. DS drove in from a good 1.5 hour outside of the city to join in. Brave, brave soul… taking on the crazed shopping induced traffic. I think anyone willing to take to the streets of NYC on wheels has a certain gene I clearly don’t have. No thanks. I’ll pass. It was good to see him though and a nice relaxing brunch was definitely in keeping with the weekend.

Afterwards, Tam and I were intrigued to head to Sam and Barry’s and try on the dress from Project Runway produced for Sarah Jessica Parker’s line, Bitten. I tried on the dress in this maroon-ish color, which Tam best summed up in stating looked more like scrubs than a stylish shirt. True, true. Much better in black though, but sadly they were out of the jackets. It made for a fun afternoon activity though, and we didn’t walk away empty handed. C’mon. Corduroy pants for $14.98?!? When does that happen??

We made a run to Macy’s. It was my first time to see their window displays for Christmas. They were so impressive and elaborate. And as the sun set, it was really stunning to see the large Christmas tree outlined in lights on the front facade of the building all lit up in contrast to the darkness of the surrounding city. I don’t make it over there often, so I was glad I got to see it.

And thanks to Macy’s, I’m starting my traditional early holiday activity — the card writing. I love real paper cards. I also love the e-greetings. Don’t get me wrong (my favorite being Hoops & YoYo at Hallmark – looooove them!). But I absolutely love occasions such as this that lend to writing out actual cards. Something positive to put into someone’s inbox to offset the bills and junk mail that definitely comprise the bulk of the remainder. Being into photography, last year I did my own cards – which was particularly enjoyable. This year as I’ve been getting settled in and being too social for my own good at times, I just haven’t been able to get it together to pull that off for a second year – although I plan on stashing photos throughout this holiday season for next year. I now have several boxes by my side though and a list assembled to my right to begin the task at hand.

My question to you is how many of you do cards? Do you think it’s a tradition fading for most? Just curious as to your perspective on this holiday tradition.

And to the cards I go…


8 thoughts on “an outdated tradition?

  1. I ended up at Macy’s yesterday. I had looked all over town for a new everyday jacket.
    I finally scored one on Macy’s 7th floor.
    I am the worst when it comes to writing cards, but I am hoping to be better this year.
    Take care,

  2. I do Christmas cards, but it’s a dying tradition. Then again, we’re Southern, so dying traditions are pretty much in our genes, no?

  3. LOVE Christmas cards, but sadly I’m never together enough to get them out (and I never seem to have everyone’s snail mail address). I adore e-cards, though-Hoops & Yoyo are the way to go!! Mom and I exchange those every chance we get:)

    Gotta get to planning that NY trip…I need to see it during the holidays!! Perhaps next year:)
    Have yourself a merry little Christmas….

  4. Annie – Macy’s was beautiful. First time seeing it. Very true on the reciprocity! Too funny. I usually do one that is specific to where I’m living to most people. I found some very appropriate ones at Macy’s (thank goodness).

    Frances – there were lots of good buys at Macy’s. I was impressed!

    TX – we do cling to traditions, don’t we? I’m insistent on not letting certain things go because I like them, not because the favor’s going to be returned.

    Courtney – yes, the NYC trip planning is key. Lots to do in NYC without the decorations too 🙂

    Megan – you’re ahead of me! The only one I’ve gotten so far is from my parents. Haha.

  5. Sci, do you mean just paper cards in general versus holiday specific? I’m definitely a supporter, although my support in general spills over into the holiday variety.

    I support all sorts of paper mailing, snail mail, whatever you categorize it. Rarely is it a day when you receive your mail after having trudged to your mailbox that it isn’t solely billed and unsolicited mailings. How precious is that day when there’s something real amongst the mess…

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