my neighbor, samantha

I have a theory that my next door neighbor is Samantha. As in Samantha Jones from Sex and the City. I’ve never seen her. But I hear her doorbell. And it is going off. Often. And not in the early hours of the evening. All I know about her is that our bathrooms seem to share a common wall, her guests tend to be male, and in the morning, I typically wake up to brushing my teeth to the beautiful wafting smell of strong stale cigarettes. Superb. Someday I’m going to be quick enough with the reflexes to find a reason to open my door at that perfect instant that mister x comes strolling off that elevator. Nosy me will be ready to see mister flavor of the evening (who, to be fair, might be the flavor, but that’s just not as fun now is it?).

It’s the quiet nature of the apartment and the fact that I know this about my neighbor that’s kept me from solidifying a housewarming party date thus far. Hmmm. Still can’t decide. In a complex where I get complaints for trying to hang up my photos on the wall, can I really swing an early Friday or Saturday soiree to finally show off my newly polished pad to my friends in the Big Apple? What do you think? I even had the menu all thought out. Just can’t decide if the woman on the floor with her baby and whomever else might not be pleased would let me survive the audacity of a little festive evening with the friends. What saith the jury? Should the party be on?


9 thoughts on “my neighbor, samantha

  1. mayhaps a dinner type party with drinks and some snacks. A pregame if you will to then move on out to the bars later when you know your neighbors would want the quiet.

  2. Party on.

    There’s nothing wrong with an early evening/dinner party. Now, if it goes till 2am, that might be rude.

    It’s New York. The city that never sleeps (although my boy might differ on that opinion). I say have a dinner party and show off!

  3. Annie – thanks, I agree! Which is why Evite? Sent 🙂

    Plan is to wrap up at my place and head elsewhere early evening. Hopefully, then everyone’s happy!

  4. Amy – well on it is =) It should only be a small crew and gotta say after being spoiled with our massive rowhouse when I lived on Capitol Hill, it’s hard to get used to the idea of *not* being able to have people over – so I think I’ll just pass… haha.

  5. I was going to say “go for it” but it looks like you already decided to do so. Good for you.

    About the neighbor, you could always have to make a quick run to the mailbox or something when you hear the elevator ding…

    Stopping in from “SheWhoBlogs” by the way.

  6. Karina – glad you stumbled in, fellow SheWhoBlogs-er! Yes, I need to be better readied to make that on cue mailbox run. I just need to suck it up and make a run in the snazzy jammies sometime (as it inevitably works out that way it seems…)

    Zandria – ok so I *think* I may have seen her the other day. If so, most definitely um a different look than Samantha from SATC. Samantha was the eldest of the crew, but this lady’s got quite a few years on top of that… and then some. Hmmmm…

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