a little this. a little that.

It’s been a week of unusual engagements. Last night, I snagged a free manicure at the latest Dashing Divas salon to open up in NYC (over around Union Square). They brought in the Yelp Elite crew since the salon had just opened for a night of pampering… manicures, finger foods, and cosmos mixed at the hand of Russ W. All-in-all, a nice evening out as well as the first time I met anyone from the Yelp crew. I will also admit to being excited when Sam greeted me with my t-shirt for being part of the group. I’m so accustomed to “free t-shirt” equating to an XL t-shirt to add to my already plentiful stash of perhaps-I’ll-sleep-in-them-someday shirts (which I’ll admit to purging prior to my recent move to NY). I was instead given a women’s style shirt, in my size – American Apparel at that. Impressive!

Tonight I’m off to a holiday fundraiser for the Junior League and tomorrow it’s off to a promotional event for an up-and-coming band with Angelina. I’m enjoying the assortment of activities and the holiday-related festivities haven’t even picked up yet! There’s so much holiday-related I want to do before Christmas is here, and I’m thinking I’d better get on it. I’m hoping to dust off my ice skates, sadly which haven’t been used in oh my several years, and head to one of the many sites in the city to skate. There’s many sites to see. Many pictures to take. Anyone who’s been to NYC this time of year have any not-so-known spots to recommend?

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