caffeine? required.

I can’t remember the last time I stayed up late to read a book. Because I just had to finish it. Period. Last night I arrived home at 9:30 and was thinking “Yes! I can finally get that early-to-bed thing going!”. Um, fail. I’d been reading Jennifer Weiner’s “Good in Bed”. It’s some 375 pages, which used to be a more long-term project for me. With my recent roll of reading? Super quick read. I was planning on just reading a chapter and then calling it a night. But then I was hooked. Sooooo hooked.

** WARNING ** Major spoilers follow (with interwoven commentary relating it to the concept of blogging — in the interest of full disclosure…)

I was seriously about to turn over and switch off the lamp when I reached the part where Cannie’s ex-boyfriend’s (and um the baby daddy…) girlfriend “accidentally” pushed her in the bathroom, inducing premature labor. Oh my. I think I was audibly gasping (probably equally noticeable to neighbor Samantha, whose doorbell had just rang several times), but I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop reading. This is the first non-serious material fictional book I’ve read in a long time. Primarily because I just have found a nice string of writers who seem incapable of creating a character I find believable and not super contrived. Or doesn’t feature a plotline I think it so unrealistic I just could care less what happens.

As I sat in my bed, propped up by pillows, tearing through the remaining hundred or so pages of the book, I found myself crying. So angry at some of the characters.

What really irked me was Cannie’s ex, Bruce. Bruce wrote a column titled “Good in Bed” for this publication and the material for his column was intensely personal details about his life. Not only his life, but his current and previous relationships. Details. Explicit details. Now I don’t know. There aren’t a lot of columns like that I can think offhand of having read in my lifetime, so perhaps one like this exists out there. It just really burned me up. The thought of someone airing the intimate details of your life with names thinly veiled in such a public manner seemed so incredibly inappropriate.

But then I thought about blogging. How many people have this perception that you’re spilling the details of your life as well as the lives of those around you. And then I thought about the line. I can’t imagine going to that degree of personal detail anywhere like this. Sure, you’ll see me talk of friends. You know I’ve dated guys here and there and have relationships of varying degrees of certainty or uncertainty. But I don’t outline it here in detail. I don’t think it’s right to use the details of someone else’s life, no matter their degree of involvement, as the substance for your writing. Oooooh. It burned me up! Anyone have a similar experience?

Anyhow, one of my favorite lines from the book though chimes right along with my feelings about regrets – being that I don’t do that. No need to do over. Live, learn, and turn the page. I had to share it here because I just love sharing good quotations (hence the addition of them running along the right-hand panel of this blog…).

“Things happen, and you can’t make them un-happen. You don’t get do-overs, you can’t roll back the clock, and the only thing you can change, and the only thing it does any good to worry about, is how you let them affect you.”

What a great book. Would definitely recommend. And now I’m just waiting for its sequel, “Certain Girls”, to be released in April 2008.

And so the book? Most definitely done. I’m back to trying to figure out what to read. I have “Middlesex” that I’m partway into. And I still need to start “A Thousand Splendid Suns” – which I have heard is absolutely superb. What remains to be seen is whether more serious books are really doable as a subway read. Somehow I’m thinking my recent trend o’ chick-lit is more likely the right avenue to pursue, but I’ll have to throw “Middlesex” in the purse tomorrow for a test run.

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4 thoughts on “caffeine? required.

  1. Jennifer weiner is one of my favorite authors. Though she write’s “chick lit” there’s something very real and relatable about it. It’s not standard in some ways. I loved “good in bed” You should check out “the guy not taken” and “little earthquakes” all of which are by here and all great reads 🙂

    and you know, i used to write all the details about my life (my sex life has always been off limits though) in my lj but there’s a sort of…disconnect because i’m keeping this blog so public that i don’t want to make it too personal. I used to use the names of people i know, but now i use initials/nicknames. I think as we grow up we realize how somethings are better kept private as opposed to all out in the open.

  2. Heidi – so you liked “Little Earthquakes”? I heard it wasn’t as good… I read “The Guy Not Taken” — very good. I found the short story format good for a busy time!!

    Yeah, I’ve always segregated what I put up here, and always use either a nickname or initials rather than names. Just feels right.

  3. I thought it was particularly on point. Love collecting good quotations. Think some of my faves are lines from SATC, Felicity, and My So-Called Life. Something about good TV shows!

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