en pointe.

For the first time since I was five, I went to a ballet class last night. I had signed a year membership with my gym in DC, but lo and behold they have a network here in NYC. A little membership transferring and I was all set. As a part of my membership, I will have unlimited access to all of their group classes, including (yay!) a whole slew of dance classes!

I did always regret I didn’t stick with the dance thing as at child. But once class started last night, I could see why squirmy me at age five didn’t have the attention span and patience for ballet. I think I’ve mentioned I was always young for my grade in school. I wasn’t quite five when kindergarten started. I was seventeen when I went off to college. It wasn’t a biggie once I got older, but when I was young, I was a little disorganized (hah, things have changed) and that whole attention span thing? Non-existent.

I forget if it was a month or two that my ballet career lasted, but I remember asking my mom if I had to go back. She asked me why. I said because it was boring. And with that, my ballet days were over. I eventually ice skated though, something which would have benefited a lot from ballet training.

When I saw the gym offered ballet classes following the NYC ballet technique and repoitoire, I was sold. I will admit, many of the other women last night clearly had a fair amount of training. And I might not have felt like the most graceful in the room. But I loved it. What a nice change of pace to the week and especially for a Thursday night. Loved it. And so today, I’m off to buy my second pair of ballet slippers, hopefully to be used and loved a lot more than the last…


2 thoughts on “en pointe.

  1. I must admit I am sooo jealous! I miss dancing so much, but it’s a little daunting to take classes because the other students are SO young. Congrats on finding some good classes!!

  2. Thanks! Well, you should totally be able to find classes. I found several studios that had adult classes of all levels. I was originally searching for community-type classes, but I think that’s my Southern mentality showing through haha. Gym won though – no additional cost!

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