let’s audibly meet the neighbor

Ok, so Sleuth LJ got a little too much of an up-close and personal glimpse into Neighbor Samantha’s life last night. Ugh.


Flirty Doorman buzzes up to Neighbor Samantha to announce the late night arrival of the typical male visitor (TBD if it’s the same Mister X night to night – so there’s some perfecting of the sleuth skills still to be accomplished).

Of course, I jump. I’m jumpy and since it’s so close to my place I can hear it practically the same (hence leading to my nosiness into Samantha’s life). Having now met Neighbor Samantha briefly without realizing who she was at the time enough to fully take in the moment, I now have a quasi-face to associate with any next door activities. Um, for better or worse, as the case may be… oh, joy. Having just seen the finale of America’s Next Top Model, let’s just say I am pretty certain she won’t be promoting CoverGirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers anytime soon, or um ever…

I don’t think much of it though. I’m so into my book at the moment (Emily Giffen’s “Something Borrowed”) and felt compelled to turn back on my computer quickly to jot down some thoughts before they passed. Oh, if only I had not been so inspired. I was quite sleepy at that moment and have a feeling I could have oh so quickly been in dreamland effortlessly for the first time thus far this week. But oh no no… it wasn’t meant to be.

I was type type typing away when I started hearing things. Things I so didn’t want to hear. As much as I joked about her being Samantha, gee, she didn’t need to go and prove it to me, did she? Oh but she did. And now of course having shared the joke here, the next chapter to the story clearly must be shared.

To drown out the sound effects, I thought I’d try to focus and keep my thought pattern going — drowning out the noises with the clickety clackety of my Mac, which I was pounding into as emphatically as humanly possible without fearing killing the poor thing in the process. Once I reached the end (the process of which included orally reading the typed version to make sure my focus had yes in fact somehow been in tact), I saved the file and sadly resigned myself to walking back over to the bed with the task of falling back to sleep. If possible. Blah.

And at this moment, the faint and then not so faint smell of cigarettes seemed to make a straight line for my bed. Classy connection. Nice. It’s either a raunchy aroma or an audio soundtrack. Heads? Or tails? Apparently with Neighbor Samantha, the two acts are a pair – as I notice stale cigarette smoke most mornings as I go into the shower. Now that’s what everyone wants to be greeted with first thing in the morning, right?

I decided to burrow into Fort LJ, which I’d constructed out of all the pillows existing underneath my roof and go to battle. Go to the mattresses – literally. Thankfully, the traffic outside on the street seemed to have picked up. It served to drown out round deux which I sadly caught the slight beginning of – a round my sleep-deprived body wasn’t up for tackling last night. I guess the upside to my experience (or this one at least) is that none of my framed stuff that was so carefully hung up recently was an innocent victim last night (read link below – I’ll fix once not on the Blackberry…). Others haven’t survived such encounters with such a “lucky” outcome.

So tonight, I’m getting ideas at ballet on classical music to invest in. I need some help in cases where reinforcements are necessary. You gotta be ready when you’re flying solo, I guess. Mess with my sleep during the week and it’s on. Wednesday? Yeah. Go to sleep. Or at least keep it down to a dull roar. Sheesh.

So she’s officially given me more reason to be nosy. Sleuthing back on, and taking it up a notch. Let’s revisit when there’s more to report on.

Gossip Girl

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8 thoughts on “let’s audibly meet the neighbor

  1. Oh I can definitely use some. I am pulling in the reinforcements. A little of Tchaikovsky (“Swan Lake”) or Prokofiev (“Romeo and Juliet”).

    Any recommendations to add to the ammo?? I’M READY!

  2. Dvorák’s New World Symphony.
    Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons
    Carmen’s Habanera
    Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
    Anything from the Nutcracker
    And as much as I hate to suggest it…
    Bach’s Air On A G String 🙂

    (Yes. I’m a loser. I minored in music in college.)

    I sympathize completely. I had newlyweds above me in my first apartment in Atlanta. Let’s just say they *really* enjoyed being newlyweds.

    Given the situation, I’ll suggest staying away from Beethoven’s “Eroica”. 😉

  3. Oooh Annie, love the list. I needed a refresher. I almost majored in music. A little rusty on my classical line-up. Figure a trip to Bama and accessibility to reasonable discount shopping is a good time to stock up.

    Thanks for helping with a shopping list!

    And yeah, think I’ll pass on that last one. We’re aiming for the anti… haha!

  4. Haha. Sorry=( I know how it is. The worst was when I finally met the guy and he was this diiiiirty little Italian dude. Blech.

  5. Haha, well I’m aiming to not make an enemy. If I should ever want to have a party again, that would make for a bummer.

    I started last night by just gently (but firmly) banging on the wall. That did the trick at least for last night. Score one for LJ!

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