your help – tipping 101

Ok, so I know there’s etiquette for everything. Approximate tip to give at a restaurant. How much to give your hairdresser. I’ve never ever though done holiday tipping. Just haven’t. But now here I am in a building with a super and some four doormen. What do I do?

So of course I Googled it to see what the great Goog thought. I found a pretty good site that went through some different recommendations. They say:

  • Apartment building superintendent: $50-200 and to tip less if you tip throughout the year.
  • Apartment doorman: $10-80 or more each, depending upon building. The fewer doormen the building has, the more you tip each one. Those who serve you more should get a bigger tip.

Urgh. What to do. Do four doormen qualify as my building having several and therefore tip per doorman should be less? And what if my super is not someone who’s done a whole lot for me? I guess that doesn’t really matter??

And is this just in cold hard cash? Gee. So many questions. Anyone have any thoughts/recommendations here? I’d love ’em…


7 thoughts on “your help – tipping 101

  1. Hmmm I do not think so. If you tipped all of them, your mailman, your hairdresser, and on and on, you would spend your Christmas present budget all on that. Give them some Christmas goodies and that will suffice.

  2. Hmm…..good questions.

    My “doorman” are the teenage jerks who block me from getting into the door and smoke in the hallway, so they will be getting nothing.

    Last year I gave my super fifty bucks and got not so much as a thank you, so he will be getting nothing, as well.

    But to live in a “real” neighborhood/building with people who actually help you out… that could be different! Maybe 20 bucks for each doorman and 20 for the super. If you have a big project that requires his help, then tip him separately for that occasion?

  3. Can’t blame you on no tipping! Hmmmm. I’ll have to ponder. Those might be good recs! Perhaps the goodies option is the way to go.

    Might just tip the ones who really have helped me the most. Some of them do nothing for me though, so perhaps it’s good to go with the ones which actually help (like the one who harassed/ID’d you guys at my party!).

  4. At my condo they just took up a collection from everyone and divided the pot among the workers based on how many hours they worked over the year.

    I don’t know who started with the tipping of people who are not in the food business, but it needs to stop. Are we gonna start tipping doctors and lawyers too?

  5. My condo also took up a collection from everyone and divided the pot among the workers based on how many hours they worked over the year. Check if your building does that – otherwise its silly to do each one I think. Plus, you’ve only lived there a short time! Maybe your special frosted pretzels to show you thought of them. Plus I am sure you pay plenty to live where you do and hope they receive some of that!
    – The Tour Guide

  6. I know – where does the tipping end? If you tipped everyone you’re apparently supposed to, you’d have nothing let to exist on.

    Tour Guide, it’s totally the pretzels. I had a fair amount but I just finished off my chocolate bark. I’ve got plenty for the doormen now. Problem s-o-l-v-e-d.

    I wish someone here would take up general contributions. Would have been nice. I just had to contribute $3 for the mail man at work. Everyone’s got an outstretched hand!

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