a christmas collage

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Full shot of the Christmas tree

Mom’s excellent homemade cinnamon rolls – a family tradition for Christmas Eve. (And a yummy one at that…)

A shot of the presents under the Christmas tree this morning.

Mom’s homemade cheese danish. A work in progress here. Another tradition, but this one for Christmas Day.

And the finished product, just waiting to be iced.

The dog and the cat. They just don’t get each other. This has occasionally meant some hissing and other various noises. No blood was shed in the making of this photo… (or not as of yet…)

The cat hiding out under the kitchen table. He mistakenly thinks he is safe…


And now, a little music courtesy of Alabama, a group with the same name as my fabulous home state. Not sure if you’ve ever heard “Christmas in Dixie”. I’d say, it’s a classic… and here it goes:

By now in New York City.
There’s snow on the ground.
The sunshine’s falling down.
And maybe down in Memphis,
Graceland’s all in lights.
And in Atlanta, Georgia,
There’s peace on earth tonight.

Christmas in Dixie,
It’s snowing in the pines.
Merry Christmas from Dixie,
To everyone tonight.

It’s windy in Chicago.
The kids are out of school.
There’s magic in Motown.
The city’s on the move.
In Jackson, Mississippi,
To Charlotte, Caroline.
And all across the Nation,
It’s a peaceful Christmas time.

Christmas in Dixie,
It’s snowing in the pines.
Merry Christmas from Dixie,
To everyone tonight.
And from Fort Payne, Alabama…
Merry Christmas tonight.


4 thoughts on “a christmas collage

  1. Yay! A Christmas collage! I should be posting a few photos soon, once I get them from the person who was there actually taking the pictures (I left my camera at home).

  2. I’ll have to keep an eye out. These were taken with my new camera (Christmas present from my parents). Definite upgrade to my everyday one! 🙂

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