2008 – a look forward

Okay, so as it’s really quiet and still this morning in the office, I wanted to make sure to jot down those public few resolutions for 2008. I like to keep them simple and (ideally) attainable rather than lofty and unrealistic. So hopefully I can handle tackling this short list.

1) Keep up with my ballet classes and perhaps even enroll in some at a real dance studio versus the gym.

2) Have the initial draft of my book completed by the end of 2008.

3) Make at least two trips down to see my friends in DC. I promise promise promise!

4) Sleep more. LOTS more.

5) Give up, or at least scale back, the amount of Diet Coke I’m inhaling and instead substitute the fabulous FREE bottles of water sitting around our office. (See, not only is it better for me with all the walking one does in the city, but it’s a money saver!)

6) Get back into my photography (especially once winter passes) and build back up my photo site.

7) Cook more. (It honestly won’t take doing too much here to qualify sadly – haha)

I think if I were to add Blog 365 I would be setting myself up to fail, so I’ll be passing on that one. (Smart choice, I think.)

I hope everyone has something fun planned for the evening ahead. Unlike most of my friends, I am still stuck sitting here in my cube sweet cube. However, I am grateful that it’s super quiet in the office (almost to the degree of being eerie) and that come 3pm, we’re shutting this place down early.

I’m not sure what tonight will bring. I’ve got a fun new shiny tube top I ironically bought with a gift card from my boss (I’m sure the intention was for me to buy something to wear to work at Ann Taylor Loft but what can I say – I got distracted) and will be headed down to meet Tam and Fes, to do what I don’t know. But I know it’ll be a good time.

Have a safe and fun evening, wherever your plans take you. Happy 2008!

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13 thoughts on “2008 – a look forward

  1. I like your resolutions. I want some of them for myself. And your fun new shiny tube top too! 😛

    Happy New Year.

  2. I hope you accomplish each and every one of those goals.
    I cut out Diet Coke and while I feel loads better I so miss that wonderful stuff.
    Happy New Year,

  3. Great resolutions! The one about drinking less soda is showing up on a lot of people’s list, I’ve found. 🙂

    Happy 2008!

  4. James – you too can get you a shiny tube top. Perhaps that should be a 2008 resolution for you – haha!

    Thanks Frances! I know kicking Diet Coke (and Diet Dr. Pepper… and Diet Mt. Dew… etc) will be a tall order. I’m aiming just to cut back. I know 100% isn’t going to happen, but I’d like to be closer to that end of the spectrum, for sure =)

    Thanks Zan – it’s a good one, right? I’ll have to check out yours.

    Again all – happy 2008!

  5. Ya know, I never make New Year’s resolutions. Why? Maybe it’s because I’m too afraid that I’ll fail. A personal flaw I’ll work on.

    Maybe this year, I’ll try to make one or two. You inspired me.

  6. Sci, you should give it a whirl. Just a few. I think the problem is too many people make them these crazy unachievable goals. A little stretch is good =)

  7. Happy 2008!

    I scaled waaaaaaay back on soda a couple of years ago, and it was wonderful. I only drink it on occasion now.

    If I could only find that same restraint with sweet tea…

  8. Annie – Happy 2008 to you too! Well, I’m definitely aiming to scale back. We’re day two into the year and I’m (ooops) on day two of failing. But there’s always tomorrow… and something to work towards – haha.

    Now sweet tea… I hear you there, for sure. That’s a toughie!

  9. PS Quitting Diet Coke (mostly) was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s worth it – you’ll feel so much better, sleep better, and it’s been phenomenal for my skin.

  10. Thanks for the encouragement TX! Did you do it cold turkey? It’s proving to be harder than I thought – and I’m finding myself substituting oh cappuccino, etc. in its place to get my caffeine in!

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