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For people not having ever lived in NYC, I think the typical day in Manhattan is believed to be glamorous and very busy. Since ringing in the New Year, my days have typically been anything but. I’ve gotten my Netflix queue back into high rotation, finally gotten to trying churches, and bumped up the number of ballet classes I’ve been trying. I’ve had a higher frequency of early nights and been able to manage many more lengthy conversations to catch up with friends living anywhere but here.

Monday was an exception though, back to an evening perhaps more in line with what many would expect. I’d been to watch the Liberty Bowl with the Mississippi State alums here in Manhattan, where I met a fellow alum who works at Comix over in the Meatpacking District. He was able to hook me and a friend up with entrance to Monday evening’s show put on by the writers and performers of SNL (current and former). While I haven’t been super into SNL as of late, I’ve always been a fan. Having never truly been to a comedy club, figured there was no better time.

Angelina and I got there early, since we were in an “added” table and there was a chance due to the show being sold out (plus oh say an additional 15 tickets beyond that) that we could in the end ultimately lose our table. We lucked out though and were able to stay (phew). The show was hosted by Jason Sudeikis and performers were Brian Tucker, Colin Jost, Leo Allen, Eric Sloven, Darryl Hammond, and my fave of the night, Janeane Garofalo. Very cool. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know most of the writers by name, but it was interesting to put faces to them as a whole and to listen to them as they did a little stand-up. I thought Colin Jost was quite cute in this awkward sort of way, even if some of his comedy was a little in your face. Many of the performers had that strike beard, apparently deemed to be the uniform of the time. Andy Samberg was originally to have performed. One lady towards the front of the house decided to verbally express this at some point, after which she would be poked fun at somewhat by the audience and several of the performers. Jason Sudeikis even later dubbed her the “Hamburgular” since she was wearing a black and white striped top with some random beret-ish hat. Ang and I were quite amused when she later opted to show up at McKenna’s.

Darryl Hammond was the headliner, and he told us straight up upon entering that he had somehow messed up his knee and was on Vicodin. He claimed to be drinking Diet Coke, but by his inability to put the mic back into the stand at oh I’d say a good five different points throughout his performance, Ang and I thought there had to be um a little something something in there, for sure. His performance though was made for me by his allusion to and subsequent rendition of his Sean Connery impression, which he mentioned to be sort of his most successful comedic bit. And I mean, how could it *not* be? If you’ve never seen it, the skit has him on Jeopardy with other contestants and was on multiple shoes. Ohhhh, love it. Maybe this will make me sound juvenile, but I don’t care 🙂 I can take it. The category was “Famous Titles”, which of course Connery misinterprets for another second word beginning with the same three letters. I can’t watch him croaking out “DOLLY PARTON!!!!” without cracking up every time. I think Darryl Hammond is hoping for a Hilary presidential victory. I can only envision what SNL skits would follow. His performance mentioned that Bill would love having to spend quality times with other First Ladies as he would become the first male counterpart. Hah.

For me though, highlight was definitely Janeane Garofalo. She’s just so dry with her comedy but yet so funny. I’ve always thought she was great. She seems to always end up in movies with those great parts that may not always be the main character, but they are just a funny and much needed complement to the entire line-up. I loved her in Romy and Michele’s. You almost needed her almost rain cloud-esque presence to balance out the sometimes over-the-top perkiness of Romy and Michele. She has a very non-pretentious air. She actually strolled right behind me (as normally happens even when I am *trying* to be alert, I managed to miss this altogether) and appeared as normal as anyone else in hot pursuit of an empty chair at the venue. Ang mentioned having seen her before at an event she was at where she spoke and Ang was actually responsible for sort of escorting her out following the event. She said that Janeane was very self-conscious and was asking how she did, etc. I think she’s just such a normal and down-to-earth person. The entertainment business needs more of that. Seeing her was great. It was the best surprise of the evening, as I had no clue she’d be there. And unlike many of the other performers, she seemed like she would love to be able to stay on for more, as she had more material than time to get through. It was great. I like her even more now than before.

Fun evening and definitely worth starting the week off on a tired foot! Oh, and GO BULLDOGS! (Definitely always more cowbell – it’s only appropriate…)

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6 thoughts on “not andy samberg

  1. I know!! I was so entirely shocked she was there. I was so annoyed for missing her walk by our table since I figured that would be all we’d see. But oh – no no no. What a great surprise. I like that she just *is* who she is 100%. How can you fault someone for that?

  2. Tx – total fluke! I was excited to see Darryl Hammond, but the big score for me was Janeane Garofolo. Man. *LOVE* her!!!

    Well, the jealously goes both ways. You’ve got the mad ACL hook up!

  3. Angela – I knowwww. Ughhh. Not my finest, and I haven’t made a revision as of yet. Open to suggestions – perhaps best pondered over oh say a fine extended brunch? 😉

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