my inner "nala"

“Courage…” {two shoulder pats} “Courage…”

Those were the kind parting words last night at the dance studio from the gentleman who accompanied the ballet classes I took this week on both Tuesday and Thursday. He might initially appear gruff and distant on the exterior, but it doesn’t take long to see there’s more lying beneath the surface there. Just a softie at heart. And these two simple words were just what this tired beginner needed to hear.

I think one thing I like about these classes is the amount of focus they require and the amount of persistence (at least for me!) as well. Zone out for a second, and someone might be jeté-ing all up into your personal space bubble. And the amount of detail in ballet is amazing. And I’m all about details. I’m a perfectionist. I like my apartment to remain orderly. I like things to be done and done right (clearly, as perfect as possible). It’s just how I am. It’s been good for me though to realize that with this, I’m learning and, you know what? I’m not going to be perfect. Not even close. Not even close in the foreseeable future. And that’s okay. It’s normal. It’s to be expected.

So I know I’m not going to be the one the best at the end of class when things culminate into a cross-floor series of pirouettes. I’m still going to get my ronds en dehors and ronds en dedans mixed up from time to time (although *hopefully* not too much longer). It’s all that darn French. My toes still don’t point quite as much as I’d like (or as my teacher would like). And when I start to really have to concentrate as the combinations get more complex, I’m not going to have my ears pulled back over my shoulders quite to the degree that I should. But I can tell it’s getting better and I’ll keep on trying.

And so I smiled back at the kind gentleman last night and replied, “I know — it will get easier, and I’m not giving up.”

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6 thoughts on “my inner "nala"

  1. That’s AWESOME, doll!

    I know, ballet is soooo difficult. I love it because it’s the only place that requires soooo much concentration, that I can forget absolutely everything else. Not yoga, just ballet can i do that.

    Keep at it, sweetie, it’s worth it!

  2. It is hard. Whole new appreciation for all those details and the control. Wow wow wow.

    I love my yoga, but this is a whole new level – for sure! Thanks for the encouragement Scarlett and Zandria!

  3. This note resonates strongly with me because I can be a perfectionist as well. Have recently been accused of being too picky. Maybe so.

  4. Ha ha! I was wondering how you were doing with your new classes. You go! Just remember…en dehors, out the door (away from your standing leg). That’s what I tell my kids. 🙂

  5. DrP, nothing wrong with perfectionism. It’s good though when we’re forced to let go on some things. Everything can’t be perfect, unfortunately – right?

    Thanks Jennifer =) I love the tip – I am so remembering that one. Anything else along the lines of ballet terms for dummies is welcome! Haha. I didn’t want to bore you on the details, but I’ll have to message you more on where all I’ve been trying. It’s been fun!

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