weekend review: britney’s shame

What a fun long weekend. After all, shouldn’t all weekends be fun? Friday night I was all about low-key. I knew I was getting up for ballet on Saturday and that I had lots planned for the remainder of the weekend, so just made sense. I met the ladies out for some dinner and drinks in the Murray Hill area. We started off at Butterfield 8, which was surprisingly loud, fairly packed, and I was amused that the guys seemed to position themselves facing outward all along the bar looking as if they had not seen a member of the female gender um ever. It was funny.

We hopped around a bit to try some other spots in the area, including Midtown Pub where we had some strange man dance to the music along the bar and then swooping around our table as well. He was an odd one, with hair that almost would have reminded you of Albert Einstein (although this guy was clearly missing a few screws up top). We wrapped the evening at Ginger Man, where we were amused to watch this banker-esque gentleman suited up with his friends just along the periphery of our table. Ever so ofte, he would glance our way as if to express interest.He, however, never would lower himself enough to take the time to come over. Clearly he wanted us to be aware that was below him. One in our group didn’t notice him until we were about to leave and he’d changed from three o’clock to about nine o’clock to me. She said “oh, that one in the pink is kind of cute” to which I said, “yeah and he’s decided to radiate just how much he knows it.” Yawn. I was ready to leave. Enough Murray Hill Morons for one night 😉

Saturday I learned why one does not eat a heavy meal prior to ballet. Ick. Enough there. My friend Holl had just moved back to NYC. We met down in South Florida working for the same company and actually, we were co-workers when I was in South Florida and she was still here in NYC. She’s now back again and living not too far from my sister in the East Village. We’d been planning to have a proper East Village welcome outing once she arrived.

Tam and I planned out dinner at the Sunburnt Cow (moooo) and then knew there would be karaoke involved. We ended up randomly finding this hole in the wall place, Teneleven, that we honestly loved. You walk in and pretty much no one seemed to be there but the bartender. But then you could look around the corner and see a separate room with people who were listening to the live music. It was a couple of guys, one on banjo and one on guitar, that were playing a nice mellow mix of music to complete the atmosphere. We loved it. We were sold when we saw their listing of specialty drinks. I think we were all pretty unanimously intrigued by the “Britney’s Shame”, which we learned was Red Bull and a special house mixed shot (leprechaun green) of some sort of liquor that they were referring to as “Nyquil”. Holl was giving them ideas for a chaser drink, named Jamie Lynn’s Honey Bun. The bartender loved it – said we should come back for some creative collaboration. Just might do it!

We learned Angelina was in the vicinity so we met up with a couple of her friends as well. I tell you, it was the night of many a stop. Karaoke of course was done. Tam did some fine Amy Winehouse and I majorly flubbed through a Joss Stone song which I will never again elect to do. It was clearly not meant for karaoke. We wrapped up the evening at Forbidden City, which I’d honestly remembered instead as Forgotten City. Clearly, a memorable end to the evening. Hah.

Sunday was just too much fun though. Tam and I had planned to check out a new brunch spot, Calle Ocho, and then head to the American Museum of Natural History. They were close together and we thought that would make for a fab combo. I’m not going to lie – we had a lot of fun. Brunch included what amounted to a help yourself unlimited sangria buffet (?!?) and was accompanied by some amazing food as well. All of that along with some fine Cuban music. What more could one ask? Well, besides for some warmth outside (it was one RIDICULOUSLY cold day!). We only had a good 2 hours to explore through the museum. We did manage to see the complete dinosaur exhibit and also check out the. Tam was super pumped to find suspended in the air the bones of a Narwahl. Her Facebook commentary (and drawing here to the right) summarize it best – “I still can’t believe they really exist… they truly are the unicorns of the sea”. Aw – isn’t that poetic?

We did also get to see the gym exhibit but totally want to go back and see the show at the planetarium. Holl saw it and said Moby did the music and it was hippie trippy. I like Moby, so very curious to see that.

Today was mellow. Checked out a ballet class, where my teacher was cracking me up with very tongue-in-cheek anti-violent comments. Our adagio we learned this week was very mellow she said because she didn’t want to torture us on this day focusing on peace. She’s such a spunky lady for ballet. Love it. Tonight Tam and I checked out JoJo for dinner as a part of restaurant week. It was such a quaint romantic spot – perfect for dinner with your sister – right? I did manage to knock over what little wine was in the glass of our neighbor as I tried (FAIL!) to sit down nicely at our table. Ooops. Definitely upwards from there. Great three course meal, and now I’m just sad to realize that, ugh, the work week begins again.

But then again, I’m just happy with all the not good stuff going on in the business world that I have a job to go into tomorrow…


One thought on “weekend review: britney’s shame

  1. First off, I gotta say that your blog description is one of the best ones I’ve seen yet. 😉 But it was the interests that caught my eye…chocolate? passport stamps? designer jeans??! I almost wanted to add the last item, but I don’t think hiking boots for all of the seasons really count as shoes. Nor do slippers.

    Thanks for the comment at the blog. Now if I were to be at a help yourself unlimited sangria buffet, heaven help me, this week would never have begun.

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