friends – a special family

At barely past a quarter of a hundred,
It’s too soon to see our circle diminish.
Too soon for faces to disappear,
Far too early to be denied that last good-bye.

Be it our closest friend
Whose complimentary strength
Offsets any signs of our weaknesses,
Or that acquaintance we knew in name or perhaps only for a brief moment in time
But whose voice in our ears resonates just the same.
One can’t help but stop and remember
The vivacious life of which those memories came.

Not ready yet am I –
Not ready for this step.
For the farewell of all farewells,
It’s just not our time.
How could it be their time?
Somehow no time will ever seem right.

But somehow in sorrowful reflection,
I think shines through their honor.
For ones memory to linger beyond that beating pulse,
Indicates in them lived the element of true beauty.

In memory of Michelle…

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9 thoughts on “friends – a special family

  1. Thank you both. I guess I’ve been fortunate enough to not have experienced loss much directly. I’ll post more on it later — I need an off day.

    Where would we be without our friends though? You guys are the greatest. Much love.

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