hardship allowance request

Dear Company X,

I would like to respectfully request the implementation of a new “hardship allowance” for employees in your NYC offices located directly along the water. Seeing as the location of our offices is as such to receive such an influx of massive gusts of wind, I have gone through three perfectly good umbrellas in the time span of slightly over four months. This is quite shocking, as I lived in Miami for three and a half years where we regularly had massive wind and rain, flooding, even hurricanes, and I never encountered such difficulties as a part of my regular commute into and out of work. In a city such as NYC where this is basically a geographically centered hardship, I feel it is only fair that you consider my request.

For ease of your calculation, the average umbrella is $9.99 ($5.99 if you go for an even cheaper model, but not even the $9.99 version will withstand the squalls off of the water as is) up to $30. I feel it is reasonable for employees in this location to receive a monthly allowance, pre-tax of course, of $10 to cover this hardship.

I look forward to your response and hope, in the best interest in the overall well-being and financial comfort of your employees, you will elect to pursue this option

Kind Regards,

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8 thoughts on “hardship allowance request

  1. Oh, don’t just stop at an umbrella. Go for a high class raincoat. And boots. And…door to door car service. With a *really* hot guy to hold the umbrella for you and pick you up and carry you over puddles.

    Aim high!!!!

  2. Oh I hate the blown-inside-out-umbrella phenomenon!

    We have *amazing* wind here on the top of my mountain–it uprooted a ginormous tree last week–and I don’t even mess with umbrellas anymore. I just try to cover as much of me as possible with something rainproof. Really stylish, as you can imagine 😉

  3. Ooooh Annie – I *like* how you think. Raincoat is definitely a must, since the rain comes in diagonal. And I like the hot guy car service. The hot being key. Awesome.

    Michelle – I think I’d like to wrap myself in saran wrap and just let the rain and wind c’mon at me. Somehow that makes me look a little unprofessional and doesn’t help with that whole trying to meet interesting people in the city thing. Sigggggh. So ready for nicer weather!

  4. It’s ridiculous! Well, I work right by the water, and it is usually (1) at least ten degrees colder down there and (2) about 10x as windy. Ughh!! I think they should move our offices!

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