weekend review: how ’bout them giants?

So yeah, I’m behind. Waaaay behind. How did that happen? This is gonna be short and sweet or else yeah, I’ll never catch up. It’s been a busy last week, including two much needed nights of recouperation (tonight being one of those). Friday was all about meeting up with people in from out of town – Val from Mexico City and Rio up for the weekend with his girlfriend from DC. We hit Whiskey Blue – which I thought was okay, but not my favorite. We did encounter some odd Irish men who made for super amusement!!

Saturday I introduced Val and Holl to Essex, a staple of the LES brunch scene. It was a big hit, especially with our prime location on the second level overlooking the bar area. Somehow we even managed to not have the mean nasty hostess. Not sure how we managed to swing that. No complaints though. We then headed over for some shopping in SoHo. With the dive in temps, I made a run home to get some more clothing for battle. We then tried to head out for some dinner in the East Village. We were frustrated to find that all of the cool places we found and wanted to try actually required reservations. When did that become so common?? We did wander into a low-key Italian place over on Saint Mark’s. Fabulous Italian food at a nice place, Bello’s. The owner was fabulous though, putting together a table just to accommodate our party. In true EV style, as we were eating a couple walked in – she had hot pink hair and he was wearing a dog collar. Hah. Awesome.

Sunday was the Super Bowl. I’ll admit, NFL is not my thing. I’m super indifferent. In fact, I’ve never watched more than probably five minutes of any game. I’m an SEC college football game only kinda girl. I figured though this one being pretty local with a New England team going up against the home team, it was a good time to at least try to feign interest. I started up meeting with MsCT and some of her friends down in the Financial District at Jeremy’s Ale House. They had a buffet of your generic football gnoshes… wings… hot dogs… even some sausage and peppers. They had a big projection screen with the game going, but unfortunately it was hard to see and really faded at the most important moments, like oh say at all of the commercials.

MsCT and her hubbie were leaving after half-time, so I opted to change venues and meet Angelina and some of her friends for this pizza extravaganza madness over in the Village. First step? Um yeah, find subway stop. I learned that getting to the City Hall stop from the Seaport is not as easy as one might think. I couldn’t figure out how to avoid the freeway. Darn Brooklyn Bridge getting in the way. So inconsiderate. I asked a worker around City Hall (so I couldn’t have been far) where the station was. He pointed back to the freeway. Arghhhhhh! So I set off going the other direction, and soon found myself in the midst of a massive sea of Chinese characters. Chinatown? Seriously?!?

What do do. I realized I was lost. Um really lost. And cash? Zippo. As I was trying to figure out which end was up, I heard this guy scream out “with all due respect m’am, you are INCREDIBLY gorgeous!” – which made me want to find my way out of this maze. Um ASAP. I saw an ATM (ahhhh the mother ship). I jaunted over there and then came back out, waiving my arm like a banshee for a cab. I don’t know that I’ve ever been so relieved in my life. Best $10 bill I’ve ever spent, that’s for sure.

I arrived to the apartment to find a pizza making assembly like none other. It was impressive. It was amazing. The pizzas were rolling out as fast as they could cook. They even were making some of the whole wheat variety. I walked in as a clam pizza was coming out. Clam? Oh that’s right. I’ve never had clams in my life. What better way to try them than on a pizza, right?!? Suuuuure. So I don’t know what you were eating as you watched the Super Bowl, but I was eating made from scratch pizzas and drinking a nice glass of cabernet savignon. Ahhhh. And what an exciting end to the game! I must say, having gone to Mississippi State I did feel a bit conflicted about rooting for any team with Eli Manning calling the shots. I just kept looking at him and thinking oooooh Ole Miss… but I had to root root for the home team. And so I was screaming along as they made that fabulous game-ending play, just before the celebratory mayhem broke out in the streets.

We decided to get out in the midst of all of the fun around NYU to celebrate the evening. Why not? We hugged strangers. We high fived them. I had one pick me up and spin me around. It was just fun fun fun in the streets a plenty. We ended up in this bar, Barrow Street Ale House, which was a nice low-key way to close out the evening. Oh wait, I guess that would be the high kicks and jumps Angelina and I were doing in the subway station. But who’s getting detailed here?

And Monday? Monday was about recouperation. I was zonked. So tired. In the red. D – all of the above. So bad that my boss told me I should treat myself to some caffeine, to which I responded I’d had a cappuccino and a fountain Diet Coke (which I elaborated to her I wasn’t even supposed to be drinking since I’d given it up as a part of my resolutions).

So what did I do Monday evening? I went to bed at 7:45. Ahhhhh. Being boring never felt so good. At least for a night 😉


4 thoughts on “weekend review: how ’bout them giants?

  1. Here’s how I explained the SuperBowl to my Southern, “College football rules all” friends:

    Eli Manning played for Ole Miss

    Tom Brady played for Michigan.

    It’s SEC vs. Big 10 – so go SEC, go Giants!

    (And I do realize that the Ole Miss analogy may not sit well with you, but hey…go SEC? When was the last time Ole Miss was even good?)

  2. Ooooh I like that. I like that a lot! I don’t think I knew that on Tom Brady. That’s a key point, for sure.

    I know… I would much rather root for an SEC team any day. I have a hard time with Ole Miss and LSU (cause their fans are so nasty – separate story for another time).

    Go Giants!
    (And SEC – heheh)

  3. I know – right? We should have smuggled some of that out the door. Where was your king cake smuggling gear? It would have been perfect for pizza snatching!!

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