blogging atcha since 2001

Yesterday I got into this thread on Yelp with a fellow Yelper who is off shortly to Madrid. Ah Madrid. Madrid’s close to my heart. I’ve loved so many places I’ve been, but it’s hard for any to quite compare with one where you lived basically as a local. It’s just a different experience altogether. But in trying to think of recommendations for her, I remembered that I had an online journal I’d kept then to use to communicate with everyone back in the US, since our time at the computer was limited, Blackberry’s non-existent, as was also the case with the A/C where the computers were located (non-existent – for sure!).

I always forget I did a travel blog back during my study abroad program. What a fabulous time. Nothing like being in college and escaping away for months to Spain to experience a new culture and full be immersed in a different way of life. I’m such a big advocate for traveling as I think it’s one of the best experiences anyone can be exposed to, but studying abroad amplifies that so many times over. Ahhhhh. I want to go back now just thinking about it.

When I get home and off of the Blackberry, I’ll have to add that in to my listing of links on the site to my other blogs… along with the link to my DC blog and my site over on Yelp. In the meantime, feel free to check it out. I must comment though, I’m happy to say my writing has much improved from that point in time! It also includes in info and a few pics from a subsequent trip in 2003.

And more photos:


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5 thoughts on “blogging atcha since 2001

  1. Aw, these are cute! I checked out some of the Spain blogs: !Barcelona! and one about one of your weekends. I can see how you’ve grown since then: both in terms of your writing and in terms of the level of sophistication in how you experience life.


  2. Thank you! That was the first time I ever tried to “journal” in public. They weren’t even calling them “blogs” then – haha.

    Pero, por supuesto, un beso grande (hasta que estoy en DC!).

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