a mini-victory


Thanks to the New York Time’s Blog CityRoom for grabbing my post on smoking-neighbor-Samantha! They’re right though… that lawyer in Astoria has me feeling better equipped and ready for battle. Bring it.


So just to update, I haven’t complained yet, but I did take strides to curb the loud noises affiliated with her ehem, extracurricular activities. A couple of nights back, I was opening my fridge to pull out the sliced turkey and I think the fridge served to provide an echo chamber to channel forth her loud noises.

Humph. Patience? Done. I slammed the fridge. Slammed shut the drawer in my dresser (against the wall bordering with her apartment). Banged on the wall. And screamed, “EXCUUUUUUUUUUSE ME!”


Now? On to tackling that nasty smoking stench 😉

I’m so behind here. Still yet to put up pictures from my in-home brunch, co-hosted with my sister (the delay there being my memory card reader died – AGAIN – argh) and to tell about last night’s oh-so-funny Valentine’s themed events. Oh sometimes you just gotta laugh. More to come…

Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day! May you have fun with your loved ones, be it a special someone or a lot of special someones (friends and family). And may it involve chocolate. Lots of chocolate…

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