one man, aisle two

I’ve been in post three day weekend detox. Rest to catch up from the extra day of “rest” – haha. How does it seem to pass that the extra day is inevitably absorbed by some other activity? Guess it’s better than being bored, huh? So tonight I’m playing hooky from ballet. Instead thought I’d catch up on cleaning, blogging and, while I was at it, throw on the PJs and catch the much anticipated premiere of the new season of America’s Next Top Model. Fierce.

Also for what may ultimately serve to only provide amusement to those of you reading this, I’ve yet again signed up for one of the online dating services. Hmmmm. What will become of this foray into the TBD. Last time, it was definitely amusing to say the least. I learned just how small DC could be (“I saw you in the theatre at GalleryPlace” – Ooooh let’s block you, Mr. McCreepy) and managed to go out a couple of times with a guy who I believe had a nervous breakdown. Nice. If anyone on this site should make it in turn to this one, have no fear — your identities won’t be revealed. It’s likely the only one to be scarred will be yours truly. Or amused – depending on how you look at it.

I will say it never ceases to amuse me the number of creepers out there and the number of people who just push, push, push thinking you’ll cave, cave, cave. This senorita? No way, Jose. I’ve done these sites before and not been as aggressive in my approach. This time I’m taking the bull by the horns, so we’ll see if it’s bring on the pavement city here — forehead to floor. I’ve found some interesting people first thumb through. Anyone else feel like it’s equivalent to shopping on Peapod or FreshDirect? I mean, seriously — just like setting up your regular order on their sites, you can set up your custom search engine for selection. Now if only the delivery man would bring the gentleman to my doorstep, nicely wrapped (AKA nice jeans or khakis, cleanly shaven) we’d be in business for sure.

Anyhow, had to share since there should be more to come on this (of course that’s assuming that gramps, random gentlemen in Oklahoma, and the like cease to be my primary contacts – yuck).

And yes, yes, yes — there’s much a game of catch up to be done here. I’ve got pics to post from the brunch my sister and I did weekend before last as well as lots from my faaaaaaaabulous weekend with MsH. So stay tuned – hope I didn’t lose you with the silence.


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