weekend review: i’m gonna be popular! (part 2)

I realized I never finished up last weekend’s post. I covered the bulk of it though… so after we went to see Wicked, MsH and I planned on heading to the West Village to finally check out the much hyped Employees Only, where we were to meet up with Holl, Tam, and MrStache. However, it wasn’t in the cards. That night they were doing list only (?!?) so we opted to walk over to maybe try Little Branch. Um yeah. Again, not in the cards, as the long line in the freezing cold. Feet? What feet. We were so numb. And, as we waited in the cold, we learned they didn’t take credit cards – cash only. As we did a mental tally of the cash in our wallets along with the math of how many people were in front of us (which were all in a group) and the likelihood they would be there for forever, it seemed time to choose yet another venue. Perhaps we would cease to roam the roads??

Tam and MrStache never met up with us, as I notified them that we were roaming up and down the streets of the West Village in search of a home. We ended up at Sushi Samba, where the DJ was playing some great house music and some fabulous sushi rolls (mmmm the Neo Tokyo was fabulous). It was lower key than we’d anticipated, but ended up being a nice evening. We arrived back home without it being too late, leaving some steam for Sunday.

Sunday we went to brunch at Calle Ocho. I switched it up and tried their cubano, which did not disappoint. Oh yum. MsH’s friend met up with us, and it was a lovely afternoon with the ladies. That afternoon we squeezed in some downtime of lounging at my apartment, before we weathered the impending icky weather to go to Brookyln to try out Oven. What a nice pleasant surprise. Kudos to Angelina for the selection! MsH and I came back to my place to PJ it up and watch a little bit of Sex and the City before dozing off.

Monday we were up and out early to head to ballet. MsH wanted to take a class together. She danced all through high school and into college, so I’ll admit to feeling a little intimidated – with me having taken for what? Oh some 2-3 months? A bit o’ difference… haha. It was all for not though — so much fun. We had an absolute blast. People thought we were nuts to voluntarily get up to be at the studio at 10AM on our big President’s Day holiday, but I think we’d both agree that it was more than worth the sacrifice in shut eye.

Afterwards, it was off to try Agave for some brunch. Rach met us there as well. En route to the restaurant, I noticed we passed by Perry Street. Something clicked as I recalled Perry Street… why familiar… Perry Street… OH! Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment. Oh you know where we went after brunch. What a nice unplanned addition to the weekend’s itinerary. And before we knew it, MsH was back off to head to Penn Station, and my apartment was back to just little ol me. What a fun weekend. So good to have so much quality time with MsH. Miss seeing you so much – and can’t wait for April for a train trip of my own! Xoxo…


3 thoughts on “weekend review: i’m gonna be popular! (part 2)

  1. What a great weekend! I love reading this…you have such a way with words and of recounting our adventures. Love you and miss you! xoxo

  2. Awww thank you. It was such a perfect weekend! I’m so glad you came up. You’ll have to reacquaint me with DC come April 😉 Miss you! Xoxo

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