weekend review: can i get a glass of water?

Brooklyn and country music? Why yes, they go together like peas and carrots. When I came across the Johnny Cash Birthday Bash on Yelp, I knew I most definitely wanted to go. I sent the info over to Angelina who said not only was she in, but she was buying our tickets right then since this is something that tends to sell out every year. I was impressed. Really? Sell out?? And oh yes. Sell out it did.

It ended up being myself, Angelina, Tam, and PK. We met up beforehand for dinner at this fabulous Latin restaurant Angelina found called Bogota Bistro close to the concert in Park Slope. It was packed when we got there. I was relieved we had reservations. When I went up to the hostess and mentioned our name, she returned a blank stare and stated she didn’t have a party by that name. Thinking they had messed up and not put our reservations, I explained yes we did have a reservation for four at 8PM. She apologized profusely and said they would get us in just as soon as possible. I felt a (teensy) bit guilty when Angelina arrived in and said actually that they had told her they didn’t take reservations after 7PM. Hmmmm. Interesting, seeing as she had other reservations for people for after 7PM. So yeah, maybe scratch the teensy or any reference whatsoever to guilt. But the wait wasn’t too long and the food was absolutely fabulous. And oh yes, the hostess proceeded to apologize every time I saw her. Too funny.

The concert itself was great. The venue, Southpaw, was basically how I pictured it. I’d been envisioning dear sweet Rick’s, this local bar in the big metropolis of Starkville, Mississippi. It was where I saw several concerts (Better Than Ezra, Charlie Mars Band, etc.) while in college. It was like that but on a bigger scale and the floor plan was designed with solely concerts in mind – which was great. You could see fairly well from basically anywhere you would be standing. Alex Battles and the Whiskey Rebellion put on a good show. He looks kind of basic country on the website but for the concert, had more of a Johnny Cash country chic. Personal highlight of the evening? The band member playing the washboard. Love it. LOVE IT! They gave out a pie for the female in best dressed costume. If I’d have known there would be a pie involved, dang, I might have put some thought into that. Oh well. Live and learn.

From there, we went to meet up with some of Angelina’s friends at Hope & Anchor in Red Hook (Brooklyn). If Park Slope was exploring, then call this adventure some sort of insane global safari. For us AND the cabbie who tried (read: FAILED) to get us there. First of all, I’m so not a fan of the unmarked cabbies. I love the comfort of the yellow car. The standard look and confirmation of legitimacy. These other guys just don’t do it for me. I don’t trust you, shady folk! We get in though taking Angelina’s lead as she explains where we are going. What followed was us going round and round and a whole lotta, well – a whole lotta nothing! 30 minutes later and we’d gone pretty much in a circle and confirmed that the only thing we knew for sure was that the driver most definitely did not know where Red Hook was. Kinda key seeing as that was where we were trying to go. After the guy finally stopped and let us go, we found another cab who took us straight there. (Wise wise sage…)

By the time we got there, it was getting later – but at least the karaoke was still cranking. We flipped through and quickly picked out our songs. I did some Cyndi Lauper (shock shock) and some KT Tunstall. Tam did her usual Amy Winehouse (awesome, as usual) and branched out for a little Shania Twain action! Angelina put in for several songs but the really nice (read: big jerk) guy running karaoke conveniently lost her requests. Nice. She did get to sing one number, but I didn’t know it. (Angelina – help! What was it you sang??)

Anyhow, Hope & Anchor was not my favorite. And I see no need to battle my way back any time pronto to Red Hook. I was very relieved when we finally made it back to Manhattan and I pulled on my PJs and crashed at Tam’s. My eye’s might have been red, bloodshot, and puffy from lack of allergy meds and the kitty, but at least I was out of the Red Hook maze! But then again, just another night out 🙂

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2 thoughts on “weekend review: can i get a glass of water?

  1. awww. i was planning to go to the johnny cash show… but the ebola virus..umm…i mean flu… kept me home! 😦 glad SOMEONE enjoyed it!

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