consider that bridge BURNT

Last night, the issue with Neighbor Samantha came to a head. Majorly. I was quite tired after having gotten back home from my ballet workshop (almost 11pm). Between that and coming off of being sick (still not quite 100%), I was looking forward to some sleep. I started to get everything ready for bed and do a little this and that to wrap up some things. WT was joking the other day wanting to know what the latest there was. I indicated that she’d actually been quiet as of late – perhaps my outcry the other day had done the trick, and I wouldn’t have to say anything else. Cause let’s face it, I really hate having to say something in these types of situations. It’s just awkward and uncomfortable. And I like to have people over here and there for events and don’t reaaaaally want a nasty relationship with my neighbor.

So last night when I started to hear noises while I was tweaking something on my blog, I decided to bite my tongue and let it slide for a bit since I was not ready for bed. Perhaps by then, things would have simmered down and then all would be hunky-dory. But of course not. I was in my PJs, lunch packed and ready to go, and the show was still going on. Argh. So, I did as I’ve been doing (and I’m sorry – but I feel is as polite as possible when you just want to convey a simple message) and pounded on the wall. It’s not super loud and can’t be, as they are concrete walls and (ouch) my wrists can only do so much.

I walked back over to my bed to crawl back in and doze off. I’m still on cough medicine these days for the tail end of my “funk” so sleep usually comes quickly these days. NOT last night though. Grrrr. I was almost back to my bed, when I hear a responding thud, thud, thud. Um really. Are we *really* five? I was pretty annoyed. Exhausted and tired of being party numero tres in this little evening waltz we do. So I responded back “is that really necessary?”, to which more thuds were shot back over at me.

So, I did what anyone I think should do in an immature back and forth with an older aged wanna be porn star – picked up the phone and called the doorman as, I’d like to add, is exactly what was done on me several times when I tried to (for shame) hang art on my walls. The nerve of me for doing such intrusive activities at 9:30pm on a weeknight. Clearly, I should wait until midnight and have a male caller over. Because that’s *much* more kosher.

I told him her apartment number and was kind enough to only say that she was being loud, that I had simply knocked on the wall to ask her to quiet down, and that the response had been a loud and continued banging noise back. Response from the other side of the concrete fence? Silence.


But sleep last night? Forget about it. Took me at least an hour and a half to fall asleep from there. And my tranquil peace of mind from ballet? Botched. Courtesy of my unattractive and very rude neighbor.

I’ll admit to being a little unsettled. I don’t want to become that tenant who begins to complain to the property manager. But, on the flipside, I do not know that I want to leave myself open to potentially have her complain about something nit-picky about me on down the road and for nothing to be documented about all of the issues I’ve had with her along the road (although, I suppose I could send them the blog URL, right? LOL)

Argh. Big argh.

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9 thoughts on “consider that bridge BURNT

  1. Ouch. She’s got to know how annoying she’s being! I mean, I can’t imagine getting it on, and being cool with annoying my neighbor, knowing she’s on the other side of the wall, seething.

    How can that be fun? Romantic?

    What trash.

  2. What a complete and utter…well…insert your own word here.

    There’s a little bit of a difference between banging (tapping, really) on the wall to hang a picture and bangi…well, you know.

    Is there any sort of property manager that you can talk to – something along the lines of “Hey, didn’t want to be a pain, but this is out of control…”

    Or you could just leave a bondage gag in front of her door and hope she takes the hint.

  3. Some people refuse to grow up and be civilized. I feel for you, because we’ve been there very recently, and it does not feel good.

    I hope she calms down, and I wish you strength of character.

  4. Here’s my two cents:) First of all, you shouldn’t have to put up with that-however, if it were me, I would perhaps go over and try to have a conversation with her about the noise level late at night. I would tell her that if it continues you will be forced to file complaints. This way you give her fair warning:) We have actually been on the opposite side of your problem when we lived in Memphis. Apparently Calvin was being loud during the day when we weren’t home. We had NO idea b/c our downstairs neighbor never, not once, complained. The next thing we know, Calvin is being evicted. Needless to say, a few nights later when he had his surround sound going so loudly that it shook our whole apartment I went downstairs at 11PM and gave him a peace of my mind. Your neighbor Samantha may or may not heed your warning-but at least you will have tried and when/if she gets kicked out, well, then you can gloat in the glory;)
    Good luck!!

  5. Angelina – girl, I don’t know. But the next step will I think be a nice approach to making sure she gets a clue (and cover my booty, if you know what I mean).

    Annie, I totally agree. They (duh) may not be so smart! Haha your gag gift would be a funny option…

    MmeMeow – thank you for your kind words. I agree – it’s all about handling the situation how you feel you should – so I’m trying to treat her with respect that she may or may not be due. Not because she’s earned it, but because it’s the right thing to do.

    Courtney – I appreciate the perspective. I’m going to take a two-pronged approach. I’m planning to send her a letter (may include the text here, since she’s become such a big “character” in the blog) and send just an informative letter to the property manager, not as a complaint but just to make them aware in the event that she tries to claim something against me. My knowledge of this woman, apart from one quick sighting outside of the elevator, is limited to moans and groans, so I don’t feel that I can trust her!

    Thanks Leslie! Hoping up and up from here 😉

  6. Courtney gave good advice. I went to talk to my neighbors before anything else (I had to do this with two sets of neighbors.)

    The Ol’ Bitty (the beeotch below me) came to complain about me walking from the bedroom to the bathroom (face it- the floors are old and creeky), but she did so in a condescending, mean-spirited way and in Spanish to boot!

    I approached my neighbors civily and got more out of it (attract more flies with honey).

    I wish the Ol’ Bitty could live where I live and then she’d realize my walking from the bedroom to the bathroom in the morning is a cakewalk, compared to their STOMP auditions and their wild, hang from the chandeliers sex…..

  7. Laurie – Yeah I am totally going to try to approach it nicely. But I am going to leave a letter because the lady is never at home (and I’m sure she thinks the same of me). From the one time I met her (and tried, unsuccessfully to say hi) I don’t think she’s going to be the warmest and most receptive, but I wouldn’t anticipate her to be suuuuuper hostile either.

    LOL – love your summary! You always have some of the best (and by best, I mean probably worst) living situations. Or at least a wide variety there…

  8. You might also consider the “kill her with kindness” approach too. Send her a letter and include some cookies or something. State your problem but also say that you don’t want to be an unfriendly neighbor blah blah blah. I know you don’t like her but maybe a little suger might just make her feel dumb enough to pipe down? Just an idea….

    Can’t wait to hear the outcome regardless of the approach.

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