pirates – arrrrr!

Ouch. Uf! Ugh… Today I hurt. Really hurt. I’ve discovered new muscles of all sorts. I guess that’s a good thing? My mom is in town and so I haven’t been doing too much except for some quality time with my mom and sister. It’s been perfect timing too. I’m still on the mend from being sick (makes me sound a little like a wimp, but when I get a sinus infection or bronchitis, I get this lovely lingering cough that makes me sound sick – and tires me out extra – when I’m really *almost* better), so it’s been good to have the encouragement to curl up on the futon in my PJs and new fabulous fuzzy-lined Yelp Elite hoodie and watch some television.

Last night was the exception though since Monday night is when my ballet workshop meets. Since we’re learning a piece to perform (the Pas d’esclave from Le Corsaire), I figured it made sense to be my night away… since otherwise, I would be behind. Sooooo behind. And for me, not the best of ideas – that’s for sure. I took the class beforehand and then stayed on for the workshop. The music was fabulous – it tells the story of a princess and pirates and her eventual love for one of those scoundrels. It involves lots of partnering work, of which yours truly has zip… zilch… yeah… in the experience category. But I’m learning!

Initially, I was a bit zonked and was overwhelmed — trying to learn the steps they were refreshing from a couple of weeks prior (the one session I was not in attendance for) to catch-up. Before I had gotten them down, I was walking through them with a partner and before I knew it, I was being whisked into the air from sotto arabesque back to an opposing arabesque and repeat. I was fine, until we hit a piqué/promenade with attitude. Ergh. Such a simple move but, as usual, the arm positioning and adding in a male counterpart had me totally frazzled and tripped up. I love my teacher though. She caught it from the front and was over right away. She went through it slowly and watched as we tried the series over.. and over… and one more time still. Sounds funny, but I felt like I was in elementary school seeking the approval of my teacher again and when she told me how much I had improved, I’m sure I beamed like I’d been given the right to be line leader for the day.

Our class was to have ended at 10:30, but our teacher fresh off of vacation and full of zeal to learn as much as possible of the number kept having us re-run the number, begging one last time out of the cleaning staff who was trying to run us out of the building. Hah. At slightly past 11 o’clock as I boarded the bus, I felt like I’d not only had a productive day but a super productive evening. And I was dead to the world. And this morning? Sore. Oh so sore. I can’t tell if it’s 100% the soreness of the muscles (which are most definitely a component!) or if it was the determined assistance of my partner on those lifts I’m sure I wasn’t pulling my weight on. Anyhow, it was a fun evening.

And what else has been up on this end? I have been MIA, I confess. I’ve seen Spam-a-lot. Tried lots of new restaurants (I’ll add in links here when I’m at home). Shopped way too much (pictures of the highlights of Free People’s Spring line on yours truly coming soon to a computer screen near you), including caving to buy those shoes from Bloomie’s I’ve drooled over for months on end. Oh yeah – all mine in their black patent leather with white trimming goodness. Rented my first in person DVDs in ages — Dan in Real Life (good stuff!) and Nanny Diaries (errrr, read the book). Checked out another speakeasy courtesy of the fabulous NYC Yelp crew. I promise to be back more frequently though. I think the extended trailing winter coldness (hello – snow flurries threatening for tonight?!?) is causing me to feel like I want nothing more than to hibernate … haha. Urge *mostly* resisted!

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3 thoughts on “pirates – arrrrr!

  1. Let’s have a talk about basic ballet. It isn’t what you are referring to here!! But it sounds like an amazing class.

  2. Tehe, so I emailed Sarah the below:
    “Uh oh – did I say something ignorant?? If so, let me know so I don’t look like a tard :)”

    Relieved to know that’s a no! Haha.

    Well, the guy I was partnering with was asking me as we walked out of class how long I had been dancing and about my partnering experience. He looked quite confused when I said zero partnering and um October on the starting classes. I’m an anomaly in my class, for sure!

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