"our new hanger!"

I love my life. It never ceases to be accentuated by random occurrences.

Today after buying way too many more items along Fifth Avenue and ordering a new pair of leather ballet slippers at On Stage, I returned home to be greeted by the Flirty Doorman at the door with an announcement. Apparently a fellow resident of my apartment is a clothing designer and was holding a sample sale upstairs this evening. The doorman leaned in. “I wanted to give you a heads up so you could get up there early if you were interested to, you know, get first selection.” He informed me that the designer’s pieces sold at Barney’s, Bendel’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Hmmm. Intrigued.

I went up to my apartment to see if my mom was up for an excursion. She’d been on the elevator the other day, possibly with the fellow phantom resident I like to refer to as Elevator Hottie. He is this really attractive specimen of a man who seemingly only appears whenever I am looking my positive worst. Last time he surfaced, I had just returned back from running to beg codeine cough syrup out of my doctor. My hair was up in a pony tail (never happens except at ballet/gym) and my nose had that super hot red puffiness only induced by the sinus infection from hell. I jokingly told her I’d not only found out where Elevator Hottie lived, but I know knew his profession.

We went upstairs, expecting to be greeted with who knows what. We confirmed Designer X was not Elevator Hottie. Rats. And I’d just retouched my make-up too… however, we did meet the designer himself, Harrison Morgan. He was a sincerely welcoming gentleman. We learned he was originally from Atlanta and had lived in the building for some twenty years. We also met his partner, an interior designer who assists with some of the design on his line, and saw pictures of their GORGEOUS 60 acre house in the country (currently for sale, if you are interested – I can get you in touch… it only requires a staff of ten to maintain).

It was intriguing to see my apartment decorated so differently. The walls were coated with a deep orangey-redish hue, which helped to draw your eyes instantly to the large exquisite paintings which adorned the major walls throughout the house. His partner had supported an up-and-coming artist back about 15 years ago, purchasing quite a number of his works, and the artist has now become quite successful. I believe he said it was the MoMA that has some of the artist’s works on display.

So Harrison’s works were primarily wraps which to me, seeing as I’m eternally cold, are core wardrobe items. There were three clothes wracks full of wraps of all shades. Beautifully detailed pieces, cotton and cashmere blends. Fabulous pieces. I soon found myself, darn it, with an armload of things to try. I came to the final rack and found the highlight — the few dresses that he had tried before deciding to fully focus his line on the wraps. There was one I just loved, pairing the soft, pale pink with black in a slip dress with such a unique and intriguing pattern. And the satin finish of the material was just right.

His partner saw me pick up the dress and explained he had helped to come up with the design of that particular one. I hesitated at first, but he urged for me to try it on. I went into the bathroom and put it on. And it was perfect. Just perfect. I came out to show my mom, and he looked on and just beamed. He came over to say how perfect it looked, exclaiming that they had yet to see it on anyone. He called Harrison over to see the dress, exclaiming “oh, we’ve found our new hanger!”. I smiled. With fabulous dresses like that, I’m happy to be of assistance!

So that’s how it came to be that I was back in the elevator headed to my place with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind dress, with a pricetag of $50 en lieu of the $450+ retail. Now that’s what I call meeting your neighbors in style!


5 thoughts on “"our new hanger!"

  1. You have such random, crazy experiences! (Maybe it comes from living in NYC?) I can’t believe that you got these random designer clothes for next to nothing…very cool. (And I love that dress!)

  2. Hehe never boring, for sure!! And so loving the dress. I’m thinking to slip a note under their door to tell them to let me know when they’re coming back so I can tell the sorority ladies. They said they have racks and racks of their clothing. Heaven!

    Yes – LOVE it! I cannot wait for the warm weather. Hurry up and get here. Hello?!? I’ve got fun new clothes to wear 😉

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