playing tourist… at home

It’s much better than traveling. It’s all the upside to being a tourist (no home cooking… no obligations) with a much bigger wardrobe selection 🙂 Oh, and my own pillow. I’m super attached to my pillow, I must admit.

Ironically after getting more sleep than I’ve had in quite some time, I’m pretty sleepy as I type this, so how about a summary in photo form? I love the idea myself…

Falling off the shoe wagon…

And, ow, falling times two…

We finally decided to tackle the wait at Serendipity3 (and the ginormous menus — seriously are those necessary??)

I think I would be happy to wait for 3 hours for the above frrrrrrozen hot chocolate. A little insane? Perhaps. But not as insane as the above dessert. Fabulous. This was the peanut butter one. Splurge for the extra $0.50 for this fantabulous upgrade. Man, I’m seriously craving it again over here and I’m not even hungry?

The General Assembly at the United Nations. Pretty cool! The interior’s yet to be remodeled (soon to be happening) so things had an old-fashioned yet classic look to them.

Interesting facts… the area where the building is located is viewed as “international soil” or non-US. Kinda like the Vatican City, errrr minus the Pope! And also they encourage no smoking in the building but they don’t force it, which explained the lingering eau de stanky cigarette that was pretty prevalent in some of the hallways.

Shopping along 5th Avenue (us? never…), we happened upon Rockefeller Center. It was interesting. They had lilies out for Easter. They’d replaced the space formerly occupied by the Christmas tree with an electric lit fountain of sorts shown here (the blue/white). And whereas it is starting to warm up and actually exhibit spring-like “symptoms” in other parts of the U.S., my mom spent her spring break in a locale where people are still ice skating outdoors and people, like yours truly, are still living in their wool pea coats.

And, since I take lots of pictures… more coming in a part deux…


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