truly dimple-licious

Ohhhhh I forgot to dish on this one. One more New Year’s Resolution? Check mark! Complete.

It was the one I figured was unattainable. I’d resigned myself to not claiming this on the list I posted online since I figured it would end up being a bust – haha. When I moved to Manhattan, I decided I was going to learn to be more astute as I walk around the city as to not overlook someone famous strolling by. Yes. I *was* going to see me a famous person if I had to hunt them down, in a non-stalker-esque way of course.

That’s why, whew, I was super thankful that in strolled Mister Mario Lopez, ladies and gentlemen, as we waited in the middle of a thick crowd of soon-to-be patrons at Carmine’s just off of Times Square. He strolled in – sporting a white headband, gray sweatpants, and looking very normal. His hair wasn’t fully Slater-fab as it was in his SBTB prime, but those dimples were what gave him away.

I noticed him at the sidewalk before he ever entered. I paused, scrunching my eyebrows the way I subconsciously do when I’m contemplating something. I looked at my mom. “That guy over there? He looks like Mario Lopez.” She looked over and then back at me. “Um – that’s because it is!”.

Score! I stared more and as I did, he caught me when he looked to his right. As he did, the dimples deepened. Hah! I will say, overall he was smaller than I’d expect. Perhaps I should have told him once upon a time my roommates and I threw a Saved by the Bell party? Think he’d have been impressed?

Anyway – mission? ACCOMPLISHED! 😉


5 thoughts on “truly dimple-licious

  1. A white headband and gray sweatpants?! Has he not changed outfits since Saved by the Bell ended? I do love Carmine’s though… And Mario Lopez. (Even if he does wear sweatpants…)

  2. I will totally post pics from the party. It was FABULOUS! I will do that tonight. I also just *finally* found my blog post about the evening along with the text from the Evite. That’s all coming shortly!

    Oh Alejandra in his defense, he did look like he was coming back from the gym. He actually was only there for a few minutes. Apparently he was looking for something, ’cause he was asking for directions. I guess even celebrities get lost – hah 😉

  3. I’ve had that moment of “That looks just like…” a few times in my life–and then it’s “Oh, it IS!” Too fun. Congratulations 😉

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