when i grow up

I clearly and truly want to be like Heidi Montag. I don't understand those of you out there who are hating. I mean, let's examine the evidence. Clearly she's proof that hard work and dedication to your career and, okay, perhaps a little back-stabbing along the way can help you go far as a professional. And okay, so I know there are questions as to whether or not her job at Bolthouse is *really* legit – but all details. Her heart is in the right place. Even if not where Spencer wants it to be (ooooh, don't like him).

But if there's anything I want, that I strive for, it would be (clearly) to look as stylish and sculptured as Ms. Montag. Because she's going places. Hello? Have you seen her fabulous music video?  Pure genius. And now, I can have a little bit o' Heidi in my closet, as can you… enjoy 😉


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4 thoughts on “when i grow up

  1. Haha yeah, right? I don’t get big lips, big boobs, and disappearing remainder. Maybe a physical void to offset the mental one?!? 🙂

  2. Did you see her picture easter egg hunting in latest people/us/ok magazine? Way too skinny and Spencer with that freaky smile……

  3. Oooh I missed it. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be sure to track that down before Spencer’s creepy mug is not to be found. Although, I have faith they’ll be on some other mag next week… I just love how they are everywhere and they’re not *really* actors… they just get paid for being dumb!

    (And yes, I love the Hills and watch it online due to ballet conflict. I know it’s not brain candy. So perhaps I’m fueling this insane flame here… deep thoughts)

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