so o-u-t!

I'm wrapping up loose ends over here and running around in a million directions. Guess it's inevitable that things get hectic when you actually have somewhere to head off to, right? I'm blockaded into my little cube-land here, surrounded to the front by my wall o' pictures and now behind me by my suitcase, backpack and the like. Yes, I do pack way too much for a weekend. And no, I will not accept your judgment!

I am taking my first trip on the Acela. I know it's not supposed to be *that* different, but gotta say whenever my ticket says it's not plain Jane vanilla boring cheap-o anything, I feel pretty Posh Spice. I've been saying this trip down is my experimental attempt to see if there's any rationale and justification behind the additional cost. I'm guessing verdict will be nah, but TBD. Besides, when I'm leaving work early on a Friday, I like the idea of getting there just as everyone's available and getting off of work. I feel like I'm maximizing my time in the District.

It's hard to believe it'll be six months in mid-April since I made the big NYC to DC move. In some ways it seems like it has not been so long since I've seen the faces of all of my friends in DC. In other ways, things here seem to set up and solid that it likewise is strange to think it all transpired in six months. Either way, I can't believe I made it six full months before going back. I guess that's what getting set up and having visitors does to you. A friend told me I would not end up coming back nearly as often as I anticipated or even wanted to. I thought he was wrong, but I now see he had it right.

So shortly I'll be shutting down the computer and headed off for Penn Station. It might be drizzly and still a little cool (although will be better, no matter what the verdict, by about 10-15 degrees in DC over NYC), but I don't mind. I've got a suitcase full of fun clothes to hit the town for some fun and quality time with old friends. Rest assured there will be pictures, but if you don't hear from me, know I'm otherwise engaged!

Happy Weekend!

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2 thoughts on “so o-u-t!

  1. I loved reading this post and thinking about the fun conversations we had this weekend. Thank you for the terrific “face time.” You know that for me, it’s all about the face time.

  2. It was pretty much a perfect weekend. Couldn’t have asked for more. Of course, you know the wrap-up is coming, but not on ballet Monday…

    I am with you though. The face time is key. And I think we definitely managed to do that in quality fashion, DrSci. Miss you…

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