spring cleaning for a cause

I love cleaning things out of the closet. It’s refreshing. Cathartic. Also, more often than not, it allows you a chance to hesitantly let go of those items only being held captive in your shoebox apartment and instead give them to a cause that might allow them to once again see the light of day. Sassy’s brother was involved with a cause which collected used prom dresses/formals and gave them to a charity to help girls who couldn’t afford them be able to do so. What a nice way to help someone with a special evening, as such a purchase would clearly be classed as frivolous and non-essential. I’m not sure about you, but a lot of my memories throughout college and high school are of such events and it warms my heart to contribute to any cause which would allow others to be able to have such experiences.

In my inbox today, I saw today’s Daily Candy Everywhere that mentioned an organization with this exact mission. In the spirit of this supposed season of spring (ehem – warm weather where are you???), I wanted to share this so that others could see it as well. Sadly with two moves in some 8 months, I am all donated out of formals, but perhaps one of you has one in need of a loving home.

Daily Candy
Donate My Dress

And on a completely different note, coming soon – posts from this weekend! What a fun time… I’m still sleep deprived, which is almost an essential trace of a good weekend that came before. 😉

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2 thoughts on “spring cleaning for a cause

  1. Oh good! I thought it had to be along those lines. I already had a friend email me that they were going to send a bunch of dresses their way. All good.

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