back on track, aided by jennifer weiner

I just got home from the Upper West Side, which seems to be the case more frequently these days. I was up at the Barnes and Noble for an event to coincide with the launch of Jennifer Weiner’s latest book, Certain Girls. It’s the sequel to one of my favorites that I didn’t read too too long ago (about the same time actually as my move from DC to NYC).

As I’ve been trying to get myself writing, I’ve really tried to dive into books with the type of voice I have to get me thinking about my stories in a more detailed and sequential manner. Blogging has been a fabulous way to get to writing and practicing to get better, but there’s only so much detail you can go into on a blog. Do you guys want to listen to me ramble on and on, chapters worth? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Especially you who are reading this on the BlackBerry (hi there!).

I loved seeing her in person. The way she obviously connects somewhat to the characters in her book, which was definitely evident as she read a small excerpt from the first chapter. I’ve never met a writer in real life. It’s mainly been their words on the pages which have been our communication. It was fabulous to meet her in person and see why it makes sense that she wrote what she did.

I didn’t expect it, but I was as nervous (perhaps even more?) to speak up and ask a question than I was when I met Tori Amos face to face the first time. I asked her what advice she had for someone about breaking into the industry. Ok, so honestly I fumbled the intro making it sound like she was super old, which was definitely not the intention. Oooops. She mentioned though her section on her blog and website addressing that, which I’ve read several times. All good tips.

She mentioned blogging was great though. Anything that gets you writing regularly with people reading your work. She recommended doing as much as possible to get your work in front of other people. It reminded me a big part of why I started blogging in the first place – to really get comfortable writing and start plugging away at my book. And I think I’ve gotten so wrapped up in blogging, that I’ve lost sight of that along the way.

I’m still here. I’ll keep on blogging, that’s for sure. But if you notice a change in tone or focus or frequency, know I’m trying to again keep a hold of that ever important sense of balance. I’m also soon to be helping to write a weekly food column on another blog, so I’m pretty excited about that. What a good night. So glad I went. Very rewarding and I have to say, I’m pretty excited…


5 thoughts on “back on track, aided by jennifer weiner

  1. I’m very impressed at your dedication to writing a book. I think it’ll be great – you have a wonderful way with words!

  2. Thank you! I appreciate it. I’m seeing how much cohesion it takes to get something to stick together across that many pages. I’m sure that’s something you know all too well, although in a different genre 🙂

  3. Oooh! I wish I would have known. I read “Good in Bed” and got the autographed copy back in 2002 or so (although I never met her). It reminds me of the summer I first moved to NYC.

    My writing has been a little uninspired lately (which is probably why I have this serious case of wander-lust….travel always sparks a lot of creative juices). I need a boost to kick my blogs back into stealth mode!

  4. Yeah she’s fabulous! The same chapter of her new book, Certain Girls, didn’t have nearly the same degree of energy on the page as it did when she read it last night. Loved it! She’s such an interesting person. Loved meeting her.

    And absolutely. It was these types of things that helped to draw me even more to NYC. I try to remind myself to take advantage of them as much as possible.

    Travel is always a plus 🙂 SEE YOU SUNDAY!!

  5. Remember: keep the balance and avoid the heart attacks! (NYT this week.) I’ll be first in line for your book; you certainly have some funny stories to tell.

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