cutting out the cud

Yesterday I quit chewing gum. Cold turkey. It was on my unofficial New Year’s resolutions list – and as of April 10th? Mission accomplished. It’s almost become a nervous habit of mine, as I’ll find myself annihilating a pack of Orbit’s sweet mint gum over the course of two days. Yeah. Not so good. I decided yesterday when I felt a little twinge of pain in my jaw as I bit into my Subway sandwich that the gum had to go. It made me think a little too much of a high school boyfriend of mine who had to stop when he developed TMJ. Yikes.

According to Essortment, American’s chew 300 of those little gummy sticks on average each year. Woah. In that case, I was well on my way to being super beyond that threshold. I’m trying to find all sorts of bad things about gum to make me feel better… to help alleviate that twitch (cause darn it I want a piece *SOOOO* bad). Check out this quotation from

“While there are no recorded events that prove the old wives tale right, Dr. Weil, a popular health and alternative medicine doctor, says that ‘sugar-free gum, whether swallowed or chewed in large amounts, can cause digestive problems. The sugar substitutes (hexitol, sorbitol, and mannitol, to name a few) found in sugar-free gum are not absorbed, but pass into the small intestine and colon, where they can cause diarrhea.’

In addition, aspartame – a popular sugar substitute in gum – has been linked to decreased vision, headaches, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, and many other ear and skin side effects. Some experts have also questioned another popular sugar substitute, Splenda, also known as sucralose, claiming that too little is known about its safety due to a lack of human studies.”

So it’s Listerine Freshburst strips for me. I’m stocking up at Costco when I go back to Bama in a few weeks…

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2 thoughts on “cutting out the cud

  1. Wow! I never knew people could be addicted to chewing gum! I don’t chew gum that often. I did chew a lot more when I was younger than now that I’m older. I even swallowed a few pieces of gum from time to time lol. I think my favorite gum is Big Red and the kind you can blow huge bubbles with =) Good luck with your new years resolution!

  2. Yeah I think you can be addicted to just about ANYTHING! I was becoming a chain chewer. Uh uh. No good! Although significantly cheaper than being a chain SMOKER. Ew.

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