pssst… the latest buzzzz…

Oh poor blog. How I’ve neglected you. I’ve been focused on writing elsewhere. Last week I tried to take a writing workshop (but alas, we were stood up by the teacher) and I’ve been filling my lunch breaks at work with an alternating menu of column ideas and plugging away at my book.

And I’ve been working on another project. As I mentioned before, I’m going to be doing a weekly column on another site. I wanted to share the info with you guys now that the blog’s all shiny, revamped, and ready for visitors. Yes yes – we’d love to have you take a stroll by and hopefully even make your presence known! 😉

The site is called Neighborbee. I’m working with the blog part as a part of a group of fabulous and talented writers, with far more experience than this Southern gal. I’m lucky to be one of the lot. And, but of course, you’ll catch me chatting about what else? Food. I’m a Hump Day wonder on my column Dish Buzz, so every Wednesday, hope you’ll pop over to see what I’m, errr someone else is, cookin’ up! Click here for my first column focused on my favorite meal (ahhh) – brunch.

And because I’m such a schizophrenic, I also started up a Tumblr account. Partly because I’m curious about it’s niche… and partly because some of the little snippets I like to throw out just fit there better than here. We’ll see where that goes. 🙂 If you’re on there, please add me so I can find you too.

And I now I know where *this* female is headed. A la cama. Perfecto…

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