pen to paper – fingers to keys

Thursday night I went to this hour long workshop on food writing – partly because I thought it might help with the column for Neighborbee and partly because I was curious about the writing programs they do. Figured it was a win/win. I will admit I was halfway expecting it to be ok, but nothing substantial enough to justify the cost and time commitment required for one of their workshops.

Um, yeah – wrong…

From the moment we started, I got a good feeling about the teacher. I liked the style she had, which perhaps mirrors the suggestions of the program. All I know is my head started racing. My hand was moving briskly across the paper during the exercises – hitting no walls to obstruct in the process.

And listening to the others around me was even more rewarding. Thoughts of different angles in which to write came to mind and something as simple as thinking through my draft, re-write, edit, and finalize process helped me to see some ways to definitely improve. Not just for the column writing, but especially as I plug away at writing a larger piece. I came away with several pieces I want to expand upon and rework that were interesting pieces I would not have done otherwise – but they work well for other purposes.

And so that’s why Thursday at midnight (technically Friday?) I found myself signing up for the course that begins today, which we had been advised still had room for students. And that’s why this Saturday instead of sleeping in, instead of ballet at the gym, I’ll be headed in for class.


4 thoughts on “pen to paper – fingers to keys

  1. I would have honestly never thought that there would be something like a food writing workshop – that’s awesome! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and are going back for more.

  2. Yeah, pretty specific, right? Well, the short workshop was the food one. The 10 week workshop I am doing is actually on memoir writing, so not specifically food there. Enjoying it though, for sure. I’ve got homework again. Ack!

  3. That is so awesome that you’re doing this class! I love how you find these things that inspire you and just jump right in and do them. Very, very cool. 🙂

  4. Thanks Zan! Well, give and take… with this, it’ll be less ballet and more writing, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Enjoying the challenge!

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