puppies & karaoke

I’m learning that Springtime in NYC (for me at least) is super killer on the allergies. Dang. I’ve had three allergy-related migraines. I’m hoping that will pass. I’m still hesitant to go the acupuncture route and figure if I were to go back to my doctor, I would emerge with thin needles protruding from my temples and around the base of my skull. As hot as I know that is, I think I’ll pass for now – although with the frequency of said incidents increasing, I’m dangerously close to returning to my somewhat earthy doctor and saying “YES! Sign me up!”. But in the meantime, Friday I was incredibly lame and turned the lights down as much as possible, cranked up the A/C (I’m learning cool = good for my migraines), and knocked some must-watch items off of my DVR queue. Seriously, I’m addicted to this thing. It’s a little sad… but simultaneously amazing!

The one productive thing I did manage to do was to get the puppy gate up and functional. Hurrah! It only took buying two gates, fighting a lot with them, and a little luck to get that wedged in there. I officially feel like I am practicing to participate in the hurdles in the upcoming Summer Olympics in Beijing. And I’m so happy that I will soon have a puppy on the other side of the fence to justify said hurdling! I don’t know why I decided it would be a good idea to tackle this project with my head pounding, but anyhow it’s a relief to know that little Dixie won’t be hopefully getting out to get into who knows what while I’m at work during the day. Although I heard that’s exactly what she managed to do at my parent’s place. Oh dear…

After my class on Saturday, I headed over to Petco and Babies ‘R Us in Union Square. As I anticipated, Babies ‘R Us had everything I needed to finish up my pre-Bama trip shopping list. I was in search of a big stuffed animal and some fuzzy, comfy bedding. I came out with a big soft floppy alligator, a set of four receiving blankets (with little puppies on them – awwww), and a mini pink blankie lined with satin ribbon. With the amount of stuff I’ve managed to gather for this little 2.3 cutie, I think I’ll be seriously in trouble if and when I have children.

So as luck would have it, I happened upon a series of some 4-5 attractive gentleman as I was exiting the subway. Nice. Except the eyes of every single one dodged instantly downwards to the big plastic bag proclaiming “Babies ‘R Us!”. One by one I watched their facial expression morph as they seemingly slinked down the stairs, off I presume to join the rats running along the subway tracks. Boo. If any guys are reading this, is this sort of like an instantaneous sign over ones forehead proclaiming “SINGLE GUYS, STAY AWAY!”?? I mean, seriously. Don’t people get that sometimes people buy things for other people? My reality would more than likely be buying presents for a shower than for anything of my own. Oh well.

Saturday Tam and I did some amazing karaoke. Fes headed out before his song came up, leaving Tam and I to rock out to “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne. We might not have chosen it ourselves, but I must say, it was pretty amazing. So amazing that we opted to reprise it last night over FREE (that’s right – totally gratis!) karaoke post Cinco de Mayo dinner-ing. We did learn the danger of unlimited karaoke without a price associated that you can encounter a whole horde of people who erroneously think they are the next American Idol. These people were so funny that it was almost sad they were serious. Around 11 o’clock, we decided we’d had enough and even though we were leaving songs unsung, we’d had enough.

And speaking of which, I will get to sing Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven on Earth” and not as a duet with Ms Mic Stealer. Saturday I was pretty annoyed to have someone just grab a mic and sing along with the song I had been waiting two hours to sing. And this one I paid two whole dollars for. Um yeah. When I asked her in a gap in the song to please not sing my song, some guy standing behind me and my sister barked back “chill out – it’s just karaoke”. Seeing as we never saw him grab a mic, I think he was just bitter, as many people are who don’t like karaoke and manage to get peer-pressured into going anyhow. I did manage to shout out some comments at him in the subsequent gaps. So not cool.

Oh well. With karaoke on Saturday and Monday, I’m overall pretty content. So content, I just might be a bum most of the week… and, what else? Bond with my DVR…

Here’s the end result of my weekend’s shopping excursions!


2 thoughts on “puppies & karaoke

  1. I am well acquainted with the nauseating headaches courtesy of allergies. You are also the first person that I know who also gets them. Mine last for on average two days.

    I never thought of them as migraines because there are no ‘lighting shows’ to dazzle me or tunnel vision to scare [the thought of blindeness] the bejesus out of me!

    Mine are sinus related and sometimes I look as if I have gone a couple of rounds.

    As for the guys who fled when they saw the carrier bag – I look at this sort of situation differently.

    Its not what you have lost its what THEY will never have. In other words they did not deserve you. Geddit…

  2. Wow, 2 days? That’s intense. Mine have been pretty persistent, but usually subside a little between days. The migraines are when the nausea and throbbing hits. Oh and when I just need a cold, dark room. Blah!

    Hah, like your perspective on the Babies ‘R Us bags!

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